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GetsuKoi Chapter I: 二宮真絵美 ~Ninomiya Maemi~

Four coins. What do you see?

Is the tagline of the original novel by Michio Shusuke titled "Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~".

My favorite character from the drama adaptation, is this lady.

NINOMIYA MAEMI. Somehow, I admire this character. The way she works. Her cool personality. Her professionality. And yet, her gentleness towards the man she loves secretly. Shinohara Ryoko acted her perfectly.

I don't care who will Hazuki Rensuke ends up with. I just want Ninomiya Maemi to be happy at the end of the drama. I feel sad everytime she gazed at Rensuke with sorrow in her eyes. I'd really like to know WHY does she always gaze at him that way.

And so I dedicated screencaps to this amazing character ^_^

I love her relationship with her assistants, Tsuguo-kun and Rina-chan^^ 
She treats them like her little brother and sister. Tsuguo and Rina are very cute too. It would be interesting to see some romance developed between them^^

Maemi and Kazami has sparks? 

Shacho's checktime.



Rensuke: *mouthing* ....ladder...
Maemi: *giving him 'yeah, I know, they're coming already' look*

Maemi told her assistants to get the ladder even before Rensuke asked. She knows him very well ^_^


"Can you please get away from this chair, SHA-CHO? ....tsk!". Rensuke glares.

He doesn't like being called "shacho" ^^  She did that in purpose to irritate him.


Seem like Kazami has interest in Maemi?


Rensuke: What does these 4 coins look like? Just by your instinct?

The phone rings before Maemi get to answer.

Maemi flashback to their college-hood.

Maemi: Nee... Rensuke, what does this look like?


Loved what Maemi wears below!! Cute!





Maemi: So basically you just ignored my idea?? I'm sorry, I can't work for you anymore. Just find another designer to do this.

Rensuke: I can't find any other designer. There's no one else who can design this but you, you're the one who give this amenbo(water-bug) quiz anyway.

Rensuke: ..... you're too close...

Maemi: You should've said so from the beginning... you idiot.


Gosh... this shot is so beautiful! The sunlight shone on Rensuke-sama!*_*


Rensuke: This is great.
Maemi: *yawn* Yeah well... I don't have any rivals to compare, though.
Rensuke: You had...many of them.

Maemi: You mean you've ordered the design from other designers too??
Rensuke: Mmh...
Maemi: Mmh...? You can lie with such a calm face, huh...

So, it means he already received the design from other designers but he wants Maemi to do it for him, still.


What I feel from Ep1:
1. Rensuke doesn't listen to anyone else except Maemi.
2. Rensuke and Maemi knows and understands each other very well.
3. Rensuke and Maemi can swing the hammer in the same way ^_^
4. Rensuke let his guard down just a bit only when she's alone with Maemi.
5. Rensuke and Maemi has a "history", that's for sure.

Aw! C'mon! Just give me Rensuke X Maemi, FujiTV!!! You can't make this become a Hana Yori Dango 2.0! XD   Not another Cinderella story, pls! I have faith in you, Fuji! (actually... not really, lol)

Never mind another Cinderella story.... I will keep watching for Ninomiya Maemi ^_^

Oh, yeah. I'M CRAZY ABT THE THEMESONG!!! Has been putting it on repeating mode^^ Kubota Toshinobu SAIKOU!

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