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Zachary & Yuko in Roppongi Hills

Zachary Knighton and Yuko Takeuchi attend the FlashForward promo events which was held in Roppongi Hills yesterday. It was held twice in Grand Hyatt Hotel and TOHO Cinemas movie theatre.

More pics here:

Promo in Grand Hyatt Hotel:

Premiere in TOHO Cinemas Theatre:

Translation of the whole Q&A Interview with Zachary Knighton and Yuko Takeuchi

April 20, 2010
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Roppongi, Tokyo

Q: Zachary-san, your greetings, please.

Zachary: (in Japanese) Konnichiwa! (Hello!) Hajimemashite. (I'm glad to meet you) Watashi wa Zachary Knighton desu. (My name is Zachary Knighton)

Q: Can you please tell us the highlight of FlashForward?

Zachary: The highlight of the show is this event happens where the world blackout and people would choose whether or not to make the vision that they saw happens so it's a question of fate versus destiny.

Q: Takeuchi-san, your greetings, please.

Yuko: Thank you to everyone for gathering here today. I played the role of Arahida Keiko in this series. It has such an unpredictable story and a big scale production, I myself am enjoying this series as one of the audience. I'll be very happy if all of you here would enjoy it too, as much as I am.

<They showed Bryce and Keiko's flashforward scene on the big screen>

Q: So, what scene exactly was that?

Zachary: My character, Bryce Varley, was an absurd and depressed guy in the beginning of the story. This scene was when he was going to kill himself on a bridge, and he lost conciousness. And the vision he saw was meeting Keiko, which gives him the hope to live.

Q: So how are the two characters related?

Yuko: My character is raised in such a conventional and strict family. She studied, entered a university, and starting to work in a big company, as her parents told her to do so. But then she saw the flashforward vision, and she started to think of changing her life.
Bryce also gives Keiko hope. And so the questions left are: When will these two meet? Will they really meet?
There are many thrilling and dark parts in this series, but our story is probably the only romantic and bright one.

Q: How will the story of these two characters developed?

Yuko: That's what we all want to know! My character exist because of Bryce, anyway, so...  *to Zachary* Please don't kill yourself okay? Or I'll lose my screentime. (laughs)

Q: What do you think after you acted together with Takeuchi-san?

Zachary: When I found out that I would be working with Yuko, I rented some movies in the US, some Japanese films that she did and I wanted to see who my partner was going to be, who I would work with, and I realized that she is a great talent and I was very thrilled and excited to be working with one of Japan's best actress. Very honored.

Yuko: *to Zachary* Thank you very much. *to the host* You know, he know so many Japanese praise words. (laughs) And he kept praising me that it made me scared. I don't know if I deserve it. (smiling shyly)

Q: How did you feel when your appearance in this series has been decided?

Yuko: Decided.... I think it might be more of, I passed the selection. I remembered I tried to confirm to my manager, "This is not a dokkiri (candid-joke), right?". But rather than happy, I felt much more worried about it.

Q: Did you have to speak English all the time during the filming?

Yuko: No, actually, in the beginning I was told that my role would be a pure Japanese woman, so English would not be needed... but if you watch, I think you'll know... once my character left Japan, I spoke in English for a few lines...  (laughs)  If only I studied more... But going to the native place really made my English progressed faster.

Q: So in your worries, what is the biggest reason for you to decide to keep going with this?

Yuko: I always have interest in something I've never done before. I wanted to know how are they filming there? So to know that, I have no choice but to go for it.

Q: Don't you think FlashForward would be your first step to Hollywood?

Yuko: It'll be great if it is, but perhaps they would tell me "Takeuchi, study English more will ya!" before that. (laughs)

Q: How different is the filming set there compared to Japan?

Yuko: First of all, the large number of cast and crews and how each of their roles are divided in such a detailed and rational way. Each person is really responsible of their job during the filming. Also, the studio was huge. I've never seen such a huge studio like that before.

Q: Zachary-san, you've been starring both movies and TV series in Hollywood, what do you think of FlashForward filming set?

Zachary: It's no different than any movie. The value of the production is the same, I think. As you can see from the scenes that was just shown here now, it has the same scale as a movie and the filming has that same scale as well. But the only difference is, in TV series, we learn something new from each episode and we continue filming, in movies, everything has been decided already since the beginning.

Q: What do you think of Takeuchi-san's acting performance for someone who is a beginner in Hollywood?

Zachary: She is a wonderful and very talented actress. I totally understand why she is so popular in Japan. She spoke her English lines, which are quite many, wonderfully. At first, I was worried about acting together with someone who speaks a different language, but we had fun acting together in the end.

Yuko: Thank you for always praising me like this.

Q: Takeuchi-san, what was the most difficult part for you?

Yuko: The fact that I don't speak English. When someone asked me, "How was your lunch yesterday?" or something simple like that, and I didn't understand them, I felt so upset with myself. For the filming, I also had no knowledge at all on how we're going to do it, so I always felt nervous everyday. But for Bryce and Keiko's scenes, Zach kindly asked the questions to the crews for me, like "What are we going to film now?", "What should we do now?"... and leading me, so I felt so relieved.

Q: Zachary-san, from the scene we just saw now, you were speaking in Japanese, was it difficult for you?

Zachary: YESS! (laughs) It was very difficult. During the filming, I kept asking Yuko, "Was that okay?", "Am I saying it right?". My Japanese teacher was always there on the filming set, and I did my best doing the difficult homeworks she gave me. I'd like to come to Japan again one day and I hope I would be able to speak in Japanese without an interpreter when that time comes.

Q: What is your most favorite Japanese word?

Zachary: Shinjiru (believe). I think it's a very beautiful word and I really like the meaning too.

Q: If you can see a flashforward of your future, what kind of future do you want to see?

Yuko: Mm... maybe not tomorrow, but I'd like to see a further future. Just like in the series, if I can see myself in the next 6 months, I'd like to see myself smiling. In the series, there are people who cannot accept what they saw, so I want to see, at least, something good. To believe in that and keep going forward.

Zachary: Probably, I wouldn't want to see it. But if I can, I want to see myself speaking Japanese fluently!


April 20, 2010
TOHO Cinemas Theatre, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Q: Your greetings to everyone here, please.

Zachary: (in Japanese)
Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Zachary Knighton desu.

Q: Can you please tell us the highlight of FlashForward?

Zachary: This series is a big scale production containing mystery, suspense, human drama, action and science fiction. It mostly revolves around what would happen if you can see your future in the next 6 months.

<Yuko Takeuchi entered the stage>

Q: Your greetings to everyone here, please.

Yuko: Thank you to everyone for gathering here today. My character is appearing in one part of this FlashForward series. It is such a big honor for me. I only received the script for my own scenes so in each filming, I'm always surprised on the development of the story. I hope my fellow Japanese, you can also feel the surprise and excitement of watching this series.

Q: How do you feel about appearing in a foreign TV series for the first time?

Yuko: When I was told that I passed the audition, I thought it was a joke. I really couldn't believe it. But then as the filming over and I saw the scenes where I appeared, it finally brought me to reality, ahhh... so I'm really appearing in this series.

Q: From now on, not just Japan, but would you like to work in Hollywood too?

Yuko: Yes, if I have the chance, I'll be very happy if they call me back. It is such an amazing thing to be able to appear in a foreign TV series.

<They showed Bryce and Keiko's flashforward scene on the big screen>

Q: So, what scene exactly was that?

Zachary: This scene was right after my character, Bryce was about to kill himself, but then the blackout happened and he saw the flashforward. Knowing he will be meeting Keiko in the future, gives him hope. And then, he woke up.

Q: So what kind of relationship will the two characters have?

Yuko: I don't know about that. If I say too much, it's going to be a spoiler. But currently, Bryce lives in America and Keiko is working in Japan. They don't have any relation whatsoever now. So whether or not they will really meet, is something you have to see for yourself.

Q: Zachary-san, what do you think after you acted together with Takeuchi-san?

Zachary: I'm very happy I get to act together with Yuko. In the beginning, we actually had the  language barrier problem, but we got passed that immediately. With our connections and as we were always together filming scenes, we get along better and better.
She came all the way from Japan to Los Angeles for the filming, in a huge studio, a filming set where explosions happens, working with a great number of crews, and yet her acting performance was perfect! I feel moved with Yuko's courage and strength.

Q: If you can see your future in the next 6 months, what kind of vision do you want to see?

Yuko: I want to see myself getting alot better in English and I can talk more casually with Zach. I hope I'll be called back for another FlashForward filming. (if there's a 2nd season)

Zachary: If I can see my future in the next 6 months, I want to see myself climbing Mt. Fuji, jumped down to the crater, then fly away to Kyoto... Sorry, just kidding. (laughs) What I'd really like to see is for this series to keep continue and I hope there would be filming in Japan too. I think it would be very exciting if I can come here to Tokyo and do the filming together with the Japanese crews here. Let's wish for it together so that it can happen!!

Another news article mentioned in the promo event at TOHO, after they played the scene of Bryce and Keiko's flashforward on the screen, the host asked Yuko, "Do you think the two will end up together?". Yuko answered, "Yes, I think so! I mean, aren't they in love?". Yuko asked Zachary, "They're in love, right?". Zachary whispered something to Yuko and Yuko said to the press, "Ahh... sorry, he said we can't say any further than this,".

According to the press report, during the presscon interviews, Zachary and Yuko seem quite close and get along very well, they talked to each other by themselves, made eye contacts and whispered things to each other.


The pilot episode premiere screening will be airing in Japan on May 22nd and the series itself will start broadcasting on July 25th on AXN channel.

Here's a video clip of the event!

Loved the little wave Yuko did to Zachary there, cute!

Also found hints of spoilers!

It says Yuko just finished her filming for the whole season in the end of March. This year, she went to LA twice, January and March for filming. In the beginning, it was planned that she would only appear in 1 episode. But due to her high reputation among the filming crews, it is decided that she will have a continuous storyline throughout the rest of the season until the finale.

The article also said during the 6 months filming, Yuko went for a meal together with Zachary in filming off-days.

So happy!! March filming means Keiko will appear at least once again in one episode (probably season finale). But I'm hoping in March she filmed for 3 episodes (20,21,22) at once , hehe...

And I want to believe Zachary-Yuko lunch/dinner outings were in March, which most probably means, they filmed scenes together and that means Bryce and Keiko meet!!

And the fact that they planned Yuko to appear only in 1 episode but changed their mind, might mean in the beginning they were gonna pair up Bryce and Nicole instead.(hence, the passionate kissing scene we saw in December preview that we don't get to see in the episodes at all, until now)

This whole time I was worried they changed their mind abt Bryce-Keiko idea, and switch to Bryce-Nicole happy ending. But it might actually be the other way around!!O_O

Oh well, Bryce-Keiko happy ending aside, I'm just happy that Keiko will appear once again^^

According to Episode 1x19 "Course Correction" official description, Keiko's storyline will continue in this episode.

More pics:

Longer interview clip:


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