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Kimura's new getsuku drama TV spot!

This was aired right after Code Blue's last episode last night.

Kimura's new getsuku drama preview:
credits to Dashling

Song: Jukebox by Bent Fabric (cool song!^^)

Translation of the letters in the preview:

Koi wo shitakunarimasu.
(You would want to be in love. [after you watch this drama])

Kimura Takuya, Getsuku(Monday 9PM), Returns.

(Getsu Love)

Getsuku KimuRabu

Kowai kurai, ren'ai dorama da.
(It's a love story drama that will make you scared.)

Dai-ren'ai, douzo.
(Here it is, the ultimate romance.)

Kimura Takuya LOVE


[written upside down]
Amaku, setsunaku, yabai.
(Sweet, heart-wrenching, amazing)

Tsuki no Koibito
Moon Lovers

Lead by Kimura Takuya

Check out the detailed information on the 24th!

Okay, first of all, let me comment on the title... Daseeeeee!!!!!! XDD  Nani soreee??? Tsuki no Koibito?? Moon Lovers???  In my country, that would be the title of a DANGDUT song! LOL! Ack, such a tacky title XD

Comments from 2ch were very funny:

-Oh no! Don't tell me the story will be based on Kaguya-Hime??
(Kaguya-hime is a Japanese folk story tells about the love story of an earth man and a woman from moon.) 

-If it ends with Lin Zhiling returning to the moon, that would be hillarious.

-Iyada! It sounds like one of Kudo Shizuka's song title!
Lol. I don't think Kudo has a song with this title but maybe she meant her songs' title are the "eccentric" type like "Moon Lovers" =P

Oh well... let's put aside the tacky title. I like the preview!!^^  Good visuals and good song choice. I hope it does depict the drama itself. If yes, then the drama would be a light, cheerful, and comedic one. Typical trendy drama like Long Vacation^^

So far, these actresses names has been mentioned in rumors, that they have been approached or already casted for the drama. But no one knows which one would be the female lead:
-Shinohara Ryoko
-Lin Zhiling
-Kitagawa Keiko
-Sasaki Nozomi (new gravure idol star, regular host of 99's GuruNai)
-Iijima Naoko
-Kaho (of the Otomen fame, appeared in today's rumor article)
-Tokiwa Takako (appeared in today's rumor article)

I wiiiiisshhh... it would be Shinohara Ryoko! Kamisama, onegai!!>_<

One more thing I kept thinking of.... as this is a trendy romance drama, there SHOULD BE another kakkoii guy role who has about the same age as Kimura, deshou? Kimura-shachou would need a friend to ask advice from, abt his romance problems with the leading lady, deshouu??? Who would that be??

I packed a few names who are around Kimura's age (30s) and would likely take a 2nd role in a Kimura-leading drama:

Fujiki Naohito - hmm, he just had a drama in winter... so probably not...
Tanihara Shosuke - very, very POSSIBLE!!^o^  because he is simply everywhere! LoL!
Nakamura Shido - it's a possibility, but just a small one...
Sakai Masato - I'm not sure, they've worked together in Engine, but there's always a possibility for a 2nd time. Plus, I think Sakai-san suits a businessman role very much^^
Ichikawa Somegoro - could be... but ....hmm... don't think so....
Ito Hideaki - not sure, but I think he had once taken a 2nd role before?
Sakaguchi Kenji - there's always a possibility for a 2nd time^^
Ichikawa Ebizo - would be great if its him! but, nah... he's suppose to be on honeymoon now.
Yamamoto Koji - I hope! I hope! I hope! I love Koji in a friend's role... hehe...
Kashiwabara Takashi - he's not too active anymore... but he could make a sudden return =P

Takeda Shinji - KAMISAMA, ONEGAIIIII!!! Pleeeeeasssse, let Shinji be Kimura's bestfriend in the new drama!!!*v*    He would be PERFECT for the role! LOL, this is my #1 wish...haha...  But I guess its kinda impossible since he has butai schedule in April-May for just a very few dates and also a guest star in a June concert for a few shows. Unless, he's willing to be VERY BUSY in spring.

If Kimura Takuya, Shinohara Ryoko, and Takeda Shinji can act together again... kyaaa, "Wakamono no Subete" reunion!!^v^

Tomorrow will be the news announcement! DOKIDOKIIIII~~~~!!!

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