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Mary is innocent?

Cyzo's latest article says Mary think she is innocent. She said "I don't understand why the fans are blaming me. I think the fans are being controlled by the media to the wrong direction," LOL... aww you poor old woman....

Sometimes I do think if it's really fair to blame everything to this old woman... she's just an elderly that needs daily nursing, y'know. Is she really capable to be the mastermind of SMAP's disband?

1. What the media wants the public to believe (from everything is written in the newspapers):
SMAP is really in bad terms, they hate each other so much that they don't want to see each other's faces anymore. The Jimusho tried their best to avoid the disbanding by letting them to take a long break from group activities. But SMAP members are very stubborn so that they decided to disband despite the Jimusho's good intention. (all these stories are absolutely disregarding the fact of what Mary said to Iijima in January 2015)

2. What the fans believe:
Due to the strange things, weirdness, off-timing and all SMAP members seems to be out-of-character in every little detail, the fans does not believe all the stories published in the newspapers. WIth the fact that Mary told off Iijima to walk out of the jimusho and bring SMAP members together with her earlier last year, the fans believe that all the media are manipulated by Mary and she forced SMAP to disband, by giving them pressure or maybe even threats. A lot of celebs who has good relationship with SMAP are saying "I hope the situation will change before December" "Nakai said back in January he was going to risk his life to protect SMAP from disbanding" etc. It seems to me that not only fans are in denial but alot of SMAP's kouhai and celeb friends are in denial as well. I think this is because they all believe the disbanding was not something that SMAP wanted. They must know a stuff or two being people in the industry. All the kouhai doesn't seem to be surprised too, but they seem to be disappointed. This makes the fans believe more and more that SMAP is innocent.

These are what seems to be in the surface. But if this is a soap opera TV series, I think there are two more possible scenarios.

1. There's someone else behind the curtains moving all the strings. Someone who is taking advantage of Mary and Iijima's opposition against one another, to bring down the whole Jimusho. Maybe it is Kosugi, the Jimusho's legal adviser. But it could also be Johnnys Jimusho's biggest rival in the industry which is Burning Production. Back in 2008, there was a rumor that Johnny and Mary's sibling relationship has gotten worse and Johnny was planning to leave the company. Johnny and Iijima Michi had a dinner meeting with Ikuo Suho, Burning president, the No.1 Man in the entertainment industry, there were rumors back then that Johnny and Iijima were going to join hands with him. I'm wondering if Ikuo Suho is the man behind all this now laughing behind the curtains. Because it is fact that Johnnys Jimusho's reputation has gotten worse and worse with SMAP Uproar revealed in the open like this. And with all the fans' voices pointing out every lie that the Jimusho made, more and more people will find out Johnnys Jimusho's dark side. There might be someone who whisper things into Mary's ears to do things that she shouldn't have done.

2. Iijima and SMAP are the evil ones. They have been staging acts all along and make people think that they are the victims, while in fact, they are the mastermind behind all these to bring down Mary and Julie slowly but certain. One day, they will return and take over the whole Jimusho. SMAP has gotten the general public, the fans and the industry insiders' sympathy and support by now, it's not difficult for them to take over things if they want to. But this is not the right time yet. They want to see Mary, Kosugi and Julie falls deeper into the hole before they make their next big move. Or better yet, Johnny is the one behind Iijima and SMAP's evil deeds and that's why he has been quiet the whole time, lol.
I know this is the most impossible scenario, but seriously... the hidden codes appearing in the newspapers are creeping me out! LOL. Who does that?? It's just a normal TV show description of a sport match but if you read the first letters only vertically it says "yozora no muko ni daigyakuten yuushou" (a big victory after defeat across the night sky)... lol
I always thought SMAP members are capable of becoming a successful criminal team... remember the Hokkaido Escape story that Nakai told in the radio? That is one of the reasons why I think so, lol.
Recently Joshima TOKIO was interviewed and he made a comment that Nakai and Kimura are like Two-Headed Dragon... haha... thank you Joshima-kun!

Time will tell if all of these are just something as we see in the surface or a lot more complex than that.



Sep. 1st, 2016 03:15 am (UTC)
i read your posts about smap or takuya.Thanks Yanie san..I enjoy reading all this.I hope smap finds happiness again.