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TVB's Five Tigers

Before Backstreet Boys and SMAP, I was a big fan of the Hongkong's Golden 80s' idol group: Michael Miu, Kent Tong, Felix Wong, Andy Lau and Tony Leung. I think I was around 4 or 5 when my big brothers rent video tapes of the English-dubbed Legend of Condor Heroes series and I was captivated for the first time by Felix Wong and Michael Miu, whom I knew as Kwee Ceng (Guo Jing) and Yo Kang (Yang Kang), that time. Around 8-11 years old, I became a huge fan of Hongkong artists and collected their stuff, esp. the Five Tigers. The first time I entered Japanese TV drama fandom and knew nothing about SMAP, I used to think of them as the FujiTV's Five Tigers, cos all SMAP members were TV drama leads in the late 90s and when I found out they're a group, I was surprised and thought their popularity, reputation and career in Japanese TV industry was similar to the TVB's Five Tigers.

"Mou Sin Ng Fu Zoeng" (TVB's Five Tiger Generals) members were Michael Miu Kiu Wai, the big brother of the group and was called Daai-Fu (Big Tiger). Yee-Fu (Second Tiger) was Kent Tong Chun Yip who was popular as the most handsome one, back then. Sam-Fu (Third Tiger), Felix Wong Yat Wah had the largest fanbase when the group first started. Andy Lau Tak Wah was Say-Fu (Fourth Tiger) and Tony Leung Chiu Wai was Siu-Fu (Small Tiger), they were often paired as the youngest duo. The nicknames were based on the order of their birthdate.

Most of English-speaking people might only be familiar with Andy Lau and Tony Leung who are internationally well known as Hongkong's award-winning movie stars. For Chinese-speaking people, you might know Michael Miu and Felix Wong as TV stars to present day, and very little of you might be familiar with Kent Tong, cos his acting career didn't go as well as the other four, but generally, I believe they are known as genuine actors of established reputation. But if we take a look at the past, what they did in their early 20s wasn't any different than what SMAP did in their early 20s. "The Five Tigers" did singing, dancing, cross-dressing and comedy skits in variety shows and events, as well. They were a group of teen idol formed by TVB to boost ratings of the TV station's, not only drama series, but also their variety shows. It just so happen that Hongkong's concept of teen idols is that they have to be able to act, rather than singing and dancing, as oppose to Japanese concept of idols. So TVB had their own 1 full year course of acting training school and everyone graduate the school would immediately become employees of the TV station as actors. TVB judged these five youngsters as the most good looking and talented ones in acting and immediately offered them big roles as soon as they graduated the school. Turns out, they were children sent by heaven for TVB.

In early 1980s, Japanese and Korean variety shows were aired and very popular in Hongkong. In 1983, in an effort to compete with Japanese and Korean shows' ratings, TVB created a variety show called "All Stars Challenge" which concept sounds a bit similar to Japanese "Kakushigei Taikai" in my opinion. TVB formed the five boys as a group and gave them a task to perform acrobatic stunts in the show. All of them had to practice backflips and a few stunts. The most dangerous stunt was two plates of rock being shattered into pieces with an axe on top of Andy Lau's body. Their stunt performance in the show became the topic of the town and immediately boost their popularity. The media called them "Five Tiger Generals of TVB" when they made articles about their performance in the show and that was how they got their name. Since then, they attend live events often together to promote TVB's shows.

If you ask my favorite... I really like Michael, Felix and Tony, if I really have to pick, then I guess it has to be Michael Miu, because he was the first Tiger attracted me with his role as the sympathetic villain, Yang Kang in Legend of Condor Heroes, and I really love his charm, on-screen presence and charisma. Gee, I really have a thing for Vegeta-like characters lol. But in mid-90s, all of my elementary school friends went crazy for Andy Lau due to his popular role as Yang Guo in Return of Condor Heroes, I always told them I prefer Tony Leung over Andy (coz no one would know Michael Miu and Felix Wong lol). Andy Lau is just too perfect (perfect looks, he acts perfectly and sings perfectly) and too popular, I never become a fan of someone like that hahaha. But I love all five of them, really.

Michael Miu Kiu Wai
Michael is the big brother of the group. He cares a lot and quite protective over his "Tiger" brothers.

His most notable works in early 80s were probably Legend of the Condor Heroes (from Jin Yong's novel) and The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung (adapted from Gu Long's novel). He mostly played the roles of a prince or a dashing, noble hero. His image as Yeung Hong (Yang Kang) and Chor Lau Heung really stuck in my mind that it's always really difficult for me to accept new versions of the characters played by the new generation of actors.
However, he has played a role in a rom-com series set in Qing dynasty, as a good-for-nothing guy and kind of a jerk, which is kinda fresh to see. The title is "Fearless Duo" and I quite like this drama, esp. because The 80s Golden Couple were the leads.

After they acted together in The Foundation as lovers, many audience loved Michael Miu and Barbara Yung's chemistry and so TVB decided to pair them up in 4 series for the whole year of 1984. Michael and Barbara is very well known as the Golden Couple of the 1980s in Hongkong TV industry, and they are still remembered as that to present day. Out of all 9 drama series Barbara starred, 5 of them were with Michael. Michael and Barbara starred five 20 to 40 eps drama series in the span of 2 years (1983-1984). Many fans loved Michael and Barbara's chemistry so much that they wished for the two to be dating in real life, not to mention considering the intensity of their working together.
Unfortunately, Barbara was dating the other Tiger, Kent Tong, while Michael was dating one of the Five Beauties, Jamie Chik. Kent Tong and Barbara Yung's relationship ended with Barbara's tragic suicide in 1985, though T_T

Kent Tong Chun Yip

He is probably most well known for his role as Duan Yu, the Dali prince in Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1982 (also from a Jin Yong novel). Other than that he usually play the role of villain or prince, he rarely get leading roles even in the 1980s.
Although not many people like him because the image of his villain roles sticks pretty strong in people's mind, but I think he's a man with a very big heart. When Barbara Yung committed suicide a few weeks after she broke up with Kent, public and media blamed him for her death. However he took all the blames and abuse for two whole decades and never uttered a word in defense of himself though he was innocent. I admire and respect Kent because of that.

Also, the fact that he took the villain roles in two of the Tigers collaboration "The Tigers"(1991) and "Brothers"(2007) while the other four took the roles of the heroes and handsome-cool leads, makes his existence in the group quite special, in my opinion.

Felix Wong Yat Wah

Felix Wong and Barbara Yung quickly became household names across Asian countries due to the success of the 1983 series, Legend of the Condor Heroes. It was the first Hongkong TV series that got so popular overseas and distributed to other Asian countries. It shot Felix to stardom and he immediately had his own large fanbase. I really love his portrayal as Guo Jing, but it is still possible for me to accept other version of portrayals.

Felix said himself in an interview that his personality back when he was young was kinda similar to Guo Jing. Felix met his first love in TVB training class, Leung Kit Wah (former TVB actress), who was a year senior than him, dated her and married her in 1988.
Although 3 years younger than Michael, both of them entered TVB artist academy in the same year so they were classmates and the closest ones among the Tigers.

Andy Lau Tak Wah

Besides his role as Yang Guo in Return of Condor Heroes, he was also well known as Emperor Kang Xi in Duke of Mount Deer and also his leading role in The Return of Wong Fei Hung series.
Andy was the most ambitious and aggressive one in the group. Andy said the first TVB artist he met was Felix who handed him over the form application when he was visiting TVB to register as a trainee student. Felix was already a star that time and he was still a nobody.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Since he played Wei Xiao Bao in Duke of Mount Deer, he always got comedic roles which is the total opposite of his quiet, introvert personality in real life. Except probably Zhang Wuji in Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre. Tony said in interviews he did love portraying comedic roles more than the serious ones, because it's the place where he can express himself as much as he wants. He had several popular TV series in the late 80s including The Grand Canal.
Felix Wong talked about Tony in a recent interview, that Tony is the most reclusive one in the group. When the other four were going to hang out outside for a meal and drink, Tony always refuse their invitation and told them "You guys go have fun, I have to go home." Tony always went straight home after work. Some fans speculated it is because he had a mother and a sister to take care of at home, but some said it's just Tony's personality that socializing with other people is just not his thing. Felix said, Tony could spend a day of working with them without saying a single word. At one time, they all tried so hard to get him to talk, it worked for awhile, there was a certain period when Tony talked quite often, but not for long, then he was back to his old self. I find it so heart-warming that they made an effort to make Tony talk more. Felix also said in the interview, that even though Michael was the one who asked Tony to go out for a drink, Tony still refused. It gave me the impression, that Tony (and the others) usually listens to what Michael says, even when they don't listen to other people, kinda confirmed Michael's "big brother" role in the group.

After the success of the Five Tigers, TVB decided to form their own Five Beauties: Yammie Lam, Margie Tsang, Kitty Lai, Jamie Chik and Idy Chan.

Tony Leung dated two of the Five Beauties. He had an on and off relationship with Margie Tsang after they met and became co-hosts in a variety show together, they broke up in 1986 when Tony met Kitty Lai on the set of Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre and dated her for two years. Right after, Tony Leung dated Carina Lau for 18 years and finally married her in 2008. Oddly, Tony and Carina were previously good friends because Carina was actually Margie's best friend back in the days. While Carina Lau once said, she entered TVB because she had a huge crush on Felix Wong after she saw him on TV. Note, Margie, Kitty and Carina were a year junior than Tony.

Andy Lau had an unrequited love for Idy Chan, one of the Beauties, on the set of Return of the Condor Heroes, because Idy was dating Chow Yun Fat, that time. Andy admitted in later years that he had a huge crush on Idy back then, but didn't do anything about his feelings knowing she was dating his senior whom he respected very much. Andy said Idy was the only co-star he ever fell in love with, on the shooting set.

Michael Miu and Jamie Chik Mei Chun dated each other for a long time before they finally got married in 1990, they are known as one of the most everlasting couple in Hongkong entertainment industry. Jamie Chik said in an interview when she was a freshman in the TVB academy, all of her classmates had a crush on Michael Miu and Felix Wong, their seniors. But Jamie wasn't interested at all and thought "So what?" since Michael and Felix were totally acting like popular guys, back then. She said she preferred to hang out with Andy Lau, who was her classmate back then.

LOL, I find this TVB artists' senior-junior/classmates' love stories are interesting enough to be made into a TV drama series.

I was wondering why Barbara Yung wasn't one of TVB's Five Beauties, considering her exploding fame after playing Huang Rong role in LoCH. She was practically the Queen of TVB Dramas after LoCH, back then. But most probably because Five Beauties was formed right after she passed away in 1985.

In 1985, all Five Tigers lead a 6 episodes special drama to celebrate TVB's anniversary titled "The Yang's Saga" adapted from the folklore which tells about the chivalrous General Yang's seven sons in the Sung dynasty. Michael Miu and Tony Leung were paired with their real life then-girlfriends, Jamie Chik and Margie Tsang, in this series. Michael Miu played the 4th son, who became a war prisoner toward the end, he had a wife already but he had to marry the enemy's princess (Jamie Chik) so he can become the informant for his family later. Felix Wong played the 5th son, who became a monk in the end due to his guilt feeling and left his wife behind. Andy Lau played the 6th son, the strategist of the family who married the Emperor's daughter, the princess (Carina Lau). Tony Leung played the 7th son, the troublemaker in the family and he married the daughter of a bandit gang leader (Margie Tsang). Kent Tong played the Emperor's son, the 8th prince.

Michael Miu left TVB in 1987 (although he'd come back once in a while to make cameo appearances) and acting career altogether and became a businessman inheriting his family's eyeglasses business which was going well, until Hongkong hit crisis due to SARS and he had to sell his business. He returned to TVB in 2004 and he is still starring TVB drama series now, also a few movies. He is married to actress, Jamie Chik and they have a son and a daughter. He is known as the hottest old man in the Hongkong TV industry now, lol. This is a picture of him and his daughter, and I have to say they don't look like father and daughter at all, if you know what I mean? (this is what Takuya and Kokomi gonna look like 10 years later, isn't it?)

Kent Tong left TVB the same year and he became an actor in other TV stations, Taiwan and Mainland China, he also starred several films, but rarely become the lead. His latest and upcoming work is Xia Ke Xing (Ode to Gallantry) as a supporting role, adapted from one of Jin Yong's novels and produced by Zhang Ji Zhong, that will be released next year and I'm really excited about this series. He was divorced once and has married again now. He has 6 children from his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and present wife. (wow a harem of his own ^o^) Out of the 6, four of them are two pairs of twin sons and twin daughters, how cool is that!

Felix Wong stayed with TVB for a very long time until he decided to leave TVB in 2002 due to his dissatisfaction toward TVB. But Michael Miu managed to persuade him to co-star a crime thriller series on TVB, with him, as their reunion work and the series was a success in 2010 and became a few award nominations. He is married and has a child. Both Michael and him seem to be the family-man type since in interviews they often express their love for their wives and children.

After he left TVB in 1987, Andy Lau focused in starring widescreen films. He has starred more than 160 films with countless Best Actor awards. He is married to a common lady and has a daughter.

Tony Leung's last TVB series was 1989 and since then, just like Andy, he starred only widescreen films and became internationally popular Hongkong actor. He married actress, Carina Lau, 7 years ago, but no sign of a child, so far.

After they left TVB (except Felix), they had a reunion movie titled The Tigers in 1991, an action cop movie. Since then they'd reunite once in a while in award events, etc, but had never reunite in acting work again.

Among the five, Michael and Felix are the best of friends, their friendship stays very strong until now, and they had family outings together.

Andy said the start of his friendship with Michael, Felix and Kent is kinda funny. They were a group in the 1980s, they worked together, they had so much fun together, they went through thick and thin together, but they didn't meet much outside work. After they left TVB, they were all so focused in their own work that Andy didn't stay in touch with them. Not until around the year 2000, that they met again and he finally became personal, better, closer friends with them. This is what Andy said, so I'm not sure if it applies the same for the friendships between Michael, Felix and Kent.

I will share a few examples of the Five Tigers' strong bond here. Back when Kent was blamed for Barbara's death and he didn't say a word to defense himself, Michael was being very protective and stood up for Kent in front of the media. Public and media put Michael in a negative light as well, because of this. Kent really felt sorry that Michael had to take the blame and abuse as well, but Michael never back down in standing up for him. Still, Kent had to face it and for the whole two decades being blamed for Barbara's death. In 2011, when Kent was a guest in a Mainland talk show, he was asked about Barbara's death, then Michael Miu made a VTR appearance to clear his name and speak out the truth about the tragic incident. Listening to how Michael defending him, Kent couldn't hold back his tears. Many fans were very moved with Michael and Kent's "brotherhood." The detailed account of it is here: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/756906-actor-kent-tong-goes-on-mainland-interview-show-michael-miu-makes-him-cry/

Andy Lau is a superstar that he had to hide his 23 years relationship with Carol Chu, a Malaysian-Chinese, a common lady. They were married secretly in 2008 in the United States, and the news leaked in 2009. Public and media were questioning the necessity of hiding the fact that it made the marriage news sounded negative. I'm not sure why would Andy hide his relationship and marriage either, but maybe it was just his way to protect her? Andy invited Michael Miu and Kent Tong to his house after he got married, so when the news leaked, he let the two of them speak out on his behalf to the public about his relationship with Carol.

Felix' wife was heavily ill last year. In the beginning he hid the fact from the other "Tigers" to not make them worry. But when he couldn't hide it anymore from them, he confided it to them. Michael and Andy were said to be very worried and helped Felix mentally and physically as much as they could. Kent was away shooting in Mainland China, but he called Felix and asking him about his wife's condition. The rumor articles said Tony called him too. Andy helped and introduced him the finest doctors he knew and best medical products. Fortunately, Felix' wife has gotten better now.

As mentioned above, Tony has introvert personality to begin with and he's not good in socializing with people, including friendship, so he is the only one who don't stay much in contact with the other Tigers, but would definitely come when he is invited for a reunion in certain events. Carina Lau also often come in place of Tony when he can't come, like when Michael and Jamie celebrated their wedding anniversary this year. Just totally my opinion, but I think the other Tigers understands this side of him and let him be in his own little world, being tolerant about his aloofness, though they still see him as a good friend, a "brother" perhaps. I'm sure when Tony face difficulties and need help, the other four will rush in and be there for him.

In my opinion, Andy and Tony has a complicated love and hate relationship. I sensed it from their Infernal Affairs interviews together. I believe they had their issues in the past, but they actually love each other as best buddies at heart. Kinda similar to Wei Xiao Bao and Kang Xi's relationship, their roles in "Duke of Mount Deer." At the same time, they are also the biggest rivals for each other, they always win the Best Actor award in turns. Recently, Andy was interviewed and asked if he has to rescue either Chow Yun Fat, his idol, or Tony Leung, his friend from danger, who would it be? Andy joked and answered, he would not rescue Tony because without him around, he could be the Best Actor winner for straight 20 years. It was said that the producer of Infernal Affairs, Andrew Lau, had to go through a long negotiation to get both Andy Lau and Tony Leung on board as the leads. "Infernal Affairs" was probably the most successful reunion work of the "two Tigers" that it spawned American, Indian, Korean and Japanese remakes.

I really love it whenever Andy and Tony play as best friends. In "Duke of Mount Deer" their chemistry as best friends was so touching! I can watch their scenes together over and over. Xiao Bao and Kang Xi's chemistry and romance is so much better than Xiao Bao and any of his wives lol! No other adaptation can beat Andy and Tony's chemistry, imo. I also love Andy and Tony's pairing in "The Tigers" where the four of them played as cops and Kent as the villain. Michael and Felix played the level-headed, calm and wise big brothers, while Andy and Tony played the childish, comical, hillarious, troublemaker duo... all their scenes together in the film made me laugh. And especially the part where Tony was shot, and Andy's crying face... omg, it was so beautiful.

I also love Michael and Felix' love and hate chemistry as best friends and rivals in TV dramas. Their latest reunion work "Gun Metal Grey" which was aired in 2010 was quite a hit and critically praised. I'm enjoying the first episodes so far.

In 2007, the Five Tigers except Tony Leung, had a reunion work titled "Brothers" lead by Michael Miu and Eason Chan, produced by Andy Lau. Felix Wong, Kent Tong and Andy Lau as supporting roles. All the media were questioning the absence of Tony Leung, and they never gave a clear answer about it. So the media started rumors that Andy and Tony aren't in good terms and their negotiation with Tony ended badly. The movie itself didn't do too well in box office. I have to agree with the box office, their 1991 movie was much better. And concerning Tony Leung, I personally think, it was simply due to limited budget, I guess Andy couldn't afford to hire Tony as the lead, plus I don't think there's really a role that would suit Tony in the movie.

In a 2010 interview, Kent Tong said the Five Tigers are definitely planning for another reunion work with all five of them and tell the fans to rest assure because it's definitely gonna happen as a reunion is always in their mind.

Men's friendship and brotherhood always moves me and makes me a fan of them more and more *v*   I'm just amazed they're still friends that much, I guess it shows how they really meant for each other in the beginning of their career when they were all standing on the same start line. I find what Andy said about how they became true friends only ten years after they left TVB, particularly interesting. It shows that they were just so fully immersed in work and fame, struggling alone, not realizing what they had. After ten years, it seems Andy realized just how precious his old teammates were and decided to rekindle friendship with them. I personally think teammates is really important for the longevity and resilience of one's entertainment career. Knowing they're not alone really helps to strive through all kind of hardships, I believe. They're very lucky to have each other, esp. Andy, some things must be really difficult for a superstar like him, glad his Tiger brothers are there for him. And their long-lasting bond is the reason why the Five Tigers reunion is still a big deal in Hongkong entertainment world even now, imho.


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Aug. 11th, 2015 05:53 pm (UTC)
OMG!!! I can't believe I'm reading this in your journal. I was a HUGE fan of the Five Tigers. When I saw the first Legend of the Condor Heroes on TV (Felix and Barbara), I loved it so much that I couldn't wait for the next episode. I knew my parent had the novel so I went and asked them for the novel. That novel was the first full-length book I ever read, and that was when I was just 6-7 years old. Because of LoCH, I became a fan of Felix and Andy, and Barbara Yung was and remains my most favourite actress of all time. I still remember exactly when and where I first knew about her death. It was from a radio program I listened to in my mom's car when she just picked me up from my elementary school, and I just cried.

Because I was a huge fan of Barbara, I watched every single drama she starred in and became a fan of Michael. Though I used to hate him because he played Yang Kang in LoCH, I loved him (and Barbara) so much in The New Adventure of Chor Lau-Heung). I kinda hated Kent back then because he was dating Barbara and he was in the way of Michael & Barbara. LOL But I didn't hate him at all after Barbara's death. From all the pictures and news I saw, he was very very sad and I didn't like how he was attacked by the media.

Tony was the last tiger I became a fan, and that was because of Barbara again. I watched the Rough Ride and liked him there so I went and watched the Police Cadet and he has become my most favorite Hongkong actor ever since then. I remember there was a fan war between Margie's and Kitty's fans because of his relationship with the two of them. Or probably it only happened in my country but during that time, all the magazines about Hongkong entertainment were flooded with letters from both Margie's and Kitty's fans fighting with each other. Because of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, I took Kitty's side back then (LOL) and I was so shocked when he started dating Carina. To me, Carina was supposed to be with Andy because they have the same last name and were a couple in the Yang's Saga (yeah I know it's silly but I was just a kid)
Aug. 12th, 2015 03:55 am (UTC)
haha I think the Five Tigers was everyone's childhood across the South East Asian countries (for the 70s-80s born people), I believe TVB dramas after LoCH were really that big.

I was just a toddler when it happened, I could only remember my brother telling me about it, he told me it's all Kent Tong's fault that Barbara died, and so I hated Kent that time, not to mention he played the despicable villain in RoCH XD the poor guy... XD

All Michael and Barbara's drama? Really? Did you get to see United We Stand? I'm wondering what's the story about, cos I can't find info on it.
I'm just rewatching Chor Lau Heung with English subs now and gosh, I still love Michael and Barbara's chemistry ♥

Lol yeah I've heard abt Margie vs Kitty fanbase war. Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min was my OTP so of course I wanted Tony to be with Kitty XD Carina... eh, I didn't like her to be honest... just something about her I didn't like, she has this air of arrogance in interviews ... I respect her now since she's married to Tony and since Tony love her so much, but if she's not related to Tony, I'd really care alot less abt her XD

I think I was shipping Andy Lau with Rosamund Kwan back then heehee

Edited at 2015-08-12 03:59 am (UTC)
Aug. 12th, 2015 03:12 pm (UTC)
Was United We Stand the one where the setting was around the same time as Japan's Meiji era? I remember seeing that one but didn't like it much because it was not a wuxia drama. Can't remember exactly what the story was about.
Aug. 12th, 2015 03:05 am (UTC)
My childhood! So nostalgic LOL
tbh, I only know Andy Lau (coz of 4 heavenly king) and Tony Leung.
Internal Affairs is one of my fave HK movies of all time. The intense acting and the plot stuck with me.
they really should do a drama based on the romance of the 5 Tigers, I'll be sure to watch it XD.
Aug. 12th, 2015 04:03 am (UTC)
yea, Infernal Affairs was awesome! I couldn't accept the Japanese remake, there's just something so wrong about Kagawa Teruyuki taking up Andy Lau's role... not that I have anything against Kagawa... but dunno... the movie is perfect as it is XD No one can beat Andy and Tony in playing their roles.
Aug. 12th, 2015 04:59 am (UTC)
Oh, so you were a fan of TVB before as well?

I still remember when I was young, my dad often rented video tapes of TVB's dramas back home and I loved watching it.

My favorite Five Tigers are Michael Miu, Felix Wong, and Tony Leung.

I watched Tony's Leung's drama Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre for many times that I lost count. I love Legend of Condor Heroes of Felix and Michael the most among other versions.
Aug. 12th, 2015 07:16 am (UTC)
I loooooooooooove HSDS too!!!!! Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu will always be Simon Yam and Dodo Cheng for me XDDD I so love Tony Leung and Kitty Lai pairing and I really hated Sheren Tang's Zhou Zhiruo back then hahaa... When I watched it for the first time I really didn't know who's Wuji gonna end up with, so it was really a rollercoaster ride for me watching Wuji's love story... I felt sooooooooo glad in the end that Tony ended up with Kitty lol

HSDS was the first wuxia novel I read in full and I have probably memorized most of the contents by heart lol

Edited at 2015-08-12 07:17 am (UTC)
Aug. 12th, 2015 12:29 pm (UTC)
Yup yup. I love Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu of Simon Yam and Dodo Cheng the most. Dodo Cheng was just so beautiful. I think everyone loved Kitty Lai's character more than Sheren's Tang's character. But in my opinion, Sheren Tang made Zhou Zhiruo the best among other versions. She looked very fragile and innocent in the beginning, then after she was dumped at the wedding ceremony by Zhang Wujin, she totally looked evil. Good acting.

I still have vivid memory of Kitty Lai's character appearing on screen for the first time as she disguised herself as a man. Her encounter with Wujin was so good that I still remember clearly now. Ha ha ha...

Have you watched another Tony Leung's drama as he acted as twins with different characters? He paired up with Sheren Tang in that drama.
Aug. 13th, 2015 03:55 am (UTC)
yeah, when I rewatched HSDS after I grew up, I realized Sheren made the best portrayal compared to other adaptations. Her expression when Wuji left her at the altar was really natural, and it was superb acting^^ No other Zhiruo can beat Sheren in that scene so far!

Yeah Wuji and Zhao Min's first encounter is my favorite part too in every adaptation!! I just love how Wuji had to go back to ZM's mansion to get an antidote for the poisoned Ming members' and they have a romantic fight there lol, plus, of course when they're trapped underground... ahhh love it!

Hap Hak Hang (ode to gallantry) right? I just saw it last year coz Zhang Jizhong will be releasing a new adaptation of it next year, so I decided to check out Tony's version and read the book too. I love Sheren as Ding Dang, Tony-Sheren is a funny and cute couple in the series, never had I thought I'll say this, considering I so hated Sheren-Zhiruo back in my childhood haha. But the story deviated a lot from the novel, so without subs I can't understand the plot, so I just got glimpses of it XD

Edited at 2015-08-13 03:57 am (UTC)
Aug. 12th, 2015 05:06 pm (UTC)
WHOA.. so nostalgic!! Iya gw inget banget waktu kecil nonton Andy Lau, Tony Leung, sama Felix Wong. I love To Liong To the best (yes I know it's not the official title, but it sticks with me until now xD)! Kadang2 suka gemes sendiri liat Wu Ji ga bisa milih antara 4 cewek, hahaha. I kinda ship Tony with Kitty Lai back then. And apparently they were dating? :O New fact!

As for Felix Wong, I adore him a lot in Legend of Condor Heroes <33 His portrayal of Kwee Cheng (is this the correct name? I only remember this!) was so cute and adorable. Sad that Barbara Yung committed suicide :'( Her Huang Rong is totally my favorite.
Aug. 13th, 2015 04:00 am (UTC)
yeah I guess for us, it will always be Kwee Ceng, Oey Yong, Yo Ko, Thio Buki hahaaa... it's just a different of pronunciation of the names, I think our translators used Hokkien pronunciation back then. Kwee Ceng's mandarin is Guo Jing. But actually in Felix Wong's version, the pronunciation is Kwok Jing (cantonese/hongkong)^^ dulu suka diplesetin temen2, kwee ceng sodaranya kwee tiaw, lol

Edited at 2015-08-13 05:39 am (UTC)
Aug. 13th, 2015 09:33 am (UTC)
I am joining the crowd ans say that your post totally bring back the nostalgia.
My mother was a big fan of tvb dramas and I often watched them all with her - the good old betamax days :P. I am so ashamed that I did not remember all of their name at all except Andy and Tony! But yes, the faces are totally familiar as I grew up with their historical setting drama series and how I ogled the costumes and even tried to imitate the hairstyle lol!

I was a big fan of Michael's playboy princely role in one of the drama, where he carries fan around, If my memory is right the fan is his weapon too. Sadly, I did not remember the title of the drama haha...
Aug. 13th, 2015 09:45 am (UTC)
Re: Ore
I think you're talking about Chor Lau Heung (Pendekar Harum), and yeah my memory also told me he brings a fan everywhere, but I'm surprised I'm rewatching the series now and he's not holding a fan at all instead of another character played by Simon Yam does. I don't get it... lol
or maybe it was Adam Cheng's version of Chor Lau Heung who always bring a fan around lol

Aug. 15th, 2015 06:30 am (UTC)
Re: Ore
Thanks for letting me know the title.
And you're right, the one with Michael did not carry fan but it was Adam's instead.... hmmm...

I am back to google to have a bit of nostalgic moment :)
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