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SMAP Rascal Incidents

SMAP members were hot-blooded teenagers back in the days, except Goro. Nakai was a yankee (delinquent) who easily used violence. Kimura, Mori and Tsuyoshi hates to lose and likes to use violence as well back then. While Shingo was easily influenced by the older members because he was very young. Apparently, they were always mocked and made fun of by common boys cause they wears pink or yellow clothes, associated them as sissy idols. SMAP really hated being underestimated and mocked like that, so they always fought back to prove they're manly men.


Due to this fact, SMAP has caused various troubles and caused headaches for Johnny's Jimusho president, vice president and their chief manager.

The following are the most popular troubles and incidents they have caused.

(1989) The Roppongi Incident
The period where SMAP members go everywhere by train. Then, Jimusho provided them a new car. They were very happy about it. One day, after a rehearsal in Roppongi, they were going to another work schedule. There were fans outside as they got into the car. A group of delinquent boys saw the screaming fans and asked them, "Who are they?" "SMAP huh?" then they kept knocking on the car window telling SMAP to get out. One of the delinquent boys used a big ring and as he knocked the window it caused a scratch. Their manager immediately run the car, but Mori got very angry about the scratch they caused and yelled at their manager, "Make a U-turn!!! Go back there now!" the rest of the members became angry and upset as well, and as they reached the place back, they all came out and had a physical fight with the delinquent boys. The fight happened right next to the Azabu police station, so it didn't take long before the police came. One of the girls who were still standing there, warned them that the police is coming, so they immediately went back into the car to escape and they found Goro sitting inside the car next to the driver's seat, writing notes on his notebook. In Music CLAMP, Nakai said Mori was so angry that time and he was the cause why they end up getting back to that place and fought the delinquents.
In SMAP Ganbarimasu, a VTR for this incident was created and the one who got angry and asked for a U-turn was changed to Nakai. Goro also explained that he stayed in the car to write everything he saw, that SMAP is not at fault and also the delinquent groups characteristics, planning to submit his notes if it ended up being a big problem. In SmaCourt, he said he didn't come out and fight because he hates violence.
(source: Ganbarimashou Ending Talk 1995 / TK Music CLAMP Vol.30 Non-Edited, May 1996 / SxS SmaCourt 2002 / SMAP Ganbarimasu 2009)

(1989) The Jet Coaster Fight
SMAP had to ride a jet coaster for a certain show but Goro is scared of jet coaster, he insisted that he cannot ride it. The filming had to be postponed for a while because Goro refused to ride. Inside the waiting room, Nakai persistently told Goro to ride the jet coaster together with them, Goro kept refusing no matter how Nakai scold him. Nakai's persistent way of talk made Goro got very angry and he ended up throwing a hand-mirror to the floor and the broken pieces almost hurt them all. Nakai had enough, "This is our job!!" and punched him hard in the face. In the end, Goro took the role of 'starter'. He said "Start!" below the jet coaster before the shot changed to the other five riding on the jet coaster.
In SMAP Ganbarimasu, an old VTR right after the incident was shown. According to Kimura, Goro had a left blackeye when he said "I'm the 'starter'" in that VTR. Shingo said it sounds like a very funny story now, but that time the atmosphere was really terrible and Shingo couldn't say a single word. After Nakai punched Goro in the face, Shingo was very worried that Kimura would get angry as well.


Goro still hates jet coaster and some other theme park rides now. In last year's SxS Five-Men Journey, when they were going to ride a jet coaster in Universal Studios, Goro said he's gonna be the 'starter' and Nakai made an act like he's angry "This is our job!". Cute!
(source: Hey! Hey! Hey! Feb96 / SxS SmaCourt 2002 / SMAP Ganbarimasu 2009)

(March 7, 1992) Sakurakko Cavalry Battle
SMAP was a regular in TV Asahi's variety show called 'Sakurakko Club' airing 1991-1994. There was one corner called "The Manly Cavalry Battle". Three persons carries one person shaping a horseman. The person on top will have 3 baloons set up on his shoulders and head and he will have a battle with the top person of the opponent group. The one who gets their 3 baloons breaks, loses. SMAP's opponents were common school boys.
In one episode and it was a live broadcast, the common boys seems to hate SMAP for some reasons and acted quite violent toward SMAP. In the first round, some of the boys kicked Nakai and Mori. In the last round, when Nakai, Kimura, Mori carried Tsuyoshi, the common boys kicked Nakai-Kimura-Mori and they kicked back and a physical fight started happening. The hosts realized what's happening and tried to stop them, but SMAP got so angry already, Tsuyoshi kicked the common boy on the stomach, and then Mori gave him a spinning high kick on the head. Right after that, the director cut to CM.
The common boy was immediately carried to hospital and he suffered a cerebral concussion caused by Mori's kick. The producer was very mad at SMAP and told Jimusho "We don't need them anymore in the show!"
This corner ended after this happening. In Music CLAMP, Mori mentioned that it must've been his fault that the corner ended.
In Sakurakko Club finale episode which was aired in 1994, the hosts were trying to bring up this topic, but SMAP seem reluctant to talk about it and didn't respond much (probably it was still fresh in their mind, the big trouble they caused that time). The host, Moriwaki Kenji, mentioned the first time SMAP was introduced to him "They're Tokyo idol group" (Moriwaki is from Osaka) then Moriwaki jokingly said "Then I got to know them, I was surprised! What idol group? These boys are just a bunch of rascals!". Kimura responded "Yeah, you can see our true faces in that corner, we're usually making sweet faces "Hello~" but if we get kicked "You fucking asshole! What did you just do!?"
In FNS 27 Hours TV, Nakai said they were fired due to the incident and Kimura said they all came to see the producer and deeply apologized to him. SMAP continued to be Sakurakko's regular for 3,5 years and they were never absent from the show, so I assumed the producer was very mad and fired them, but after all six apologized and the Jimusho persuaded him, I guess they were safe. Nakai also said, SMAP had been avoiding fighting matches on TV since this happening because it was a serious trouble. The sumo match in FNS27 this year was a fighting match they participated in, after a very long time.
In SMAP Ganbarimasu, the VTR where they got into a fight and Tsuyoshi kicked the boy was shown, but Mori's high kick was cut out. Kimura said how much he wanted to see that high kick again, cause it was the best moment from the whole happening. I have uploaded that VTR including Mori's high kick here.

(source: Sakurakko Club Finale Episode / TK Music CLAMP Vol.30 Non-Edited / SMAP Ganbarimasu 2009 / FNS 27 Hours TV 2014)

(July 1992) Smoke Bomb Incident
SMAP did a radio program on TBS radio station called POP SMAP back in the days. They had a recording when it was summer and they received a letter and presents from a fan, the present was fireworks and also a smoke bomb. They opened up the present and wondered what that smoke bomb was "What's this?" they borrowed the director's lighter and lit it up. Smoke came out, "Oh no, it's smoking!" and they threw it away through the window. The smoke bomb exploded on a spot that had warning "No source of ignition permitted!"
They were suppose to have a concert in Budokan on January 1st the following year. There was a TBS show called "Nippon Record Taishow" that was always filmed in Budokan. SMAP's management borrowed the stage decoration and the whole set from that TBS show for SMAP to use in their concert.
As the smoke bomb landed on TBS in Akasaka, it became a big problem and TBS was very mad, telling them "You little shits think you can have your concert now!?"
It was never explained how this story ended but SMAP did hold their New Year Concert in Budokan, January 1st, 1993, so I assumed SMAP apologized and kissed-and-made up with the TBS people.
(source: SMAP Ganbarimasu 2009 / What's Up Smap, 14 June 2014)

(August 1992) 2Tops Dragon Quest Fight
During the Dragon Quest stage play, Nakai knocked on Kimura's room hard, Kimura opened and Nakai suddenly pulled his hair and beat him up saying, "The other members hate you!". They had a 10-min fight, punching each other, scratching each other, pulling each other's hair in a very narrow room. Later on, Kimura took a shower and he was in tears, not because he was upset but he was relieved. The next morning, Kimura asked their manager "Give him some ice", Nakai asked the same thing, and they ended up cooling off their swollen faces together while having a calm talk. In a Dragon Quest interview video, we can see Kimura's blackeye(swollen?) but no bruise on Nakai's face. The reason of their fight was never explained.
(source: 1993 magazine / What's Up Smap, 20 Feb 2009)

(March 1993) Nakai's Hospital Escape
In March-April 1993, Nakai suffered a complication of pneumonia and gastroenteritis and he was hospitalized.
He had to be absent from Ai Love Smap, their variety show, for a month.
In the 3on3 basket ball corner, SMAP Dunk, during break after the 1st Half, Shingo called Nakai telling him that SMAP is losing, Shingo just simply wanted to hear Leader's voice that time. But Nakai was worried, decided to sneak out of the hospital, came to TV Tokyo studio to support his team. He came during the 2nd Half but SMAP lost. Nakai was scolded badly by Johnny-san afterwards for sneaking away out of the hospital. SMAP had successive, unstoppable 19 victories before, but it stopped on this day, when Nakai was absent.


Another story about Nakai's hospitalization, Shingo called him everyday and he visited him in the hospital often, he'd sleep on Nakai's bed and went home after that. How cute! I guess it was the period when their relationship was like mother and child, lol.
(source: Ai Love Smap, 8 Jan 1996)

(April 3, 1996) The Hokkaido Escape


It was Mori's last concert. After the concert in Sapporo, the six of them decided to go hang out together. They wanted to play around and hang out together outside for one last time with all six members. However, they were forbidden to go out of the hotel. So they all gathered in Nakai's room and made an escape plan. When they were talking about their plan, their chief manager, Iijima Michi called Nakai's room. Nakai picked up "What are you guys planning?" "What? What planning? I don't understand" "Stop acting like a fool, I saw all of them went into your room" "What do you mean? They're not here" "You aren't allowed to go out! How old do you think Shingo is??" "How old is he again?" "Can you take responsibility if something happen outside? He's still under age! Can you take responsibility for everyone?" "Whatever you say, when we go out we'll go out, when we don't then we don't... but well, we'll go out anyway" Nakai immediately hung up.
Then, all six of them went down the emergency stairs together, it was a very long way, they must've went down for more than 10 floors, they asked each other "Which floor are we on now?" Nakai mentioned it was similar to the scene in Furuhata (the drama special where SMAP planned a murder and had to escape through emergency stairs).
As they reached the ground floor, the security asked them, "Oh.. oh... where are you going?" they told him "Don't tell anyone about this!!" and the security promised he won't tell anyone.
They took a peek from the emergency stairs door and they saw 100, 200... maybe a thousand fans were waiting outside. "Uwaahh... this is impossible, we can't get out" "Should we give up?"
Then they came up with an idea. One of them go outside through the main entrance and become the bait.
Nakai went up one floor and went to the lobby. They brought 2 mobile phones, so Nakai communicate with the others through the mobile phones. As Nakai heading to the main entrance, he gave sign to the others in the emergency stairs "I'm walking toward the main entrance, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ...1"
The fans saw Nakai and they were screaming getting closer to Nakai at the main entrance. The other five immediately escaped through the emergency stairs door and called taxi. They waited for Nakai at some place. Nakai went back to the emergency stairs door on the ground floor but the fans were back standing near to the door. Nakai thought it was better to get out from here rather than the main entrance, so he went outside and told the fans "Don't follow me!" with a scary face. He caught up the others, then they went to bowling, game center and ate ramen together.
When they went back to the hotel, they had no choice but to go inside from the main entrance. The fans were screaming but the security guarded them. So they got into the elevator and went up to their rooms' floor. When the elevator's door was opened, their chief manager was already standing right in front of them. She said "Nakai, come with me" "Huh?" "Come with me now" "What?" "Hurry, come!" "I know, I know, I know what you're gonna say, whatever you say it won't make a difference so, just let it go okay?" then Nakai went back into his room, disobeying the chief manager.
Nakai said it was a very memorable day for them. It was the only chance for them. They'd have many work schedule if they waited till they're back in Tokyo. He think they could never do such an escape ever again.
In Furuhata Ninzaburo vs SMAP drama special, Nakai also received a call from their manager right before they ran into the emergency stairs to carry out their murder plan. I wonder if that scene was inspired by this Hokkaido Escape true story, maybe Mitani Koki interviewed SMAP members before he wrote the script.
(source: Some Girl SMAP, 13 Feb 1999: http://www11.big.or.jp/~naka_ho/rep.o/someg0213.htm)

I swear if SMAP ever want to change profession, they can be a very successful bank and casino robbers team, lol.

According to Japanese fans, SMAP members' mothers get along very well and sometimes they'd gather for a meal or shopping together. In IiTomo 2009, according to a fan's report who watched inside the studio, Goro said "I feel awkward when our parents are getting along well behind our backs. My mother and Nakai-kun's mother are friends" but it was cut out from the broadcasted Zoukangou episode. Nakai's mother is the eldest one, so fans making speculations that Nakai's mother is the one who organizes gatherings with the other SMAP's mothers haha. From this fact, I made assumption that maybe their moms used to be called to Jimusho due to the troubles they caused and that's how they got to know each other and end up becoming friends.


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cute >.

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Ohoho I really love to see chibi SMAP's stories <3
Oct. 5th, 2014 12:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for these stories, I didn't now about the Hokkaido epic escape episode... and Shingo sleeping on Nakai's bed at hospital (*///*)... and their mothers' friendship...
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Thank you very much !
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Oct. 7th, 2014 03:35 am (UTC)
Mori's kick it's all sorts of spectacular, like taken from an action movie, that was awesome kick in the mouth, that guy had it comming.
I didn't knew about their escape from the hotel, that's their own oceans eleven momento xD

thanks a lot for sharing <3
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awww~ my jhonny's rebels <3
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Oct. 22nd, 2014 02:40 pm (UTC)
Crazy SIX!
Now Nakai-kun looks like a person who hates problems and prefers to have discipline in everything. But I'm sure his heart is still hot XD
Chibi-Shingo, he had the best and the scariest moments with his crazy elder brothers XD
Thank you!!
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Hahaha, this was funny to read!
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"...and told the fans "Don't follow me!" with a scary face."
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But the kick is also good!
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I totally love your journal! It's amazing! Thank you so much. I enjoy every post, but this one has made my day, especially that part of the Hokkaido escape, hahaha. Thanks again! <3
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