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SMAP Formation History



March 1987 - Nakai Masahiro, 14 year-old, officially entered Johnny's Jimusho.

Nakai sent his resume and picture to Johnny's, together with his school friends. He had no significant purpose, he just wanted to be popular among girls and wanted to swim in a pool for free (in late 80s there were a lot of idol swimming pool match TV shows).

June 1987 - Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, 12 year-old, officially entered Johnny's Jimusho.

He admired Shonentai and sent his resume to Johnny's himself.

November 15, 1987 - Kimura Takuya (15), Inagaki Goro (13), Katori Shingo (10) officially entered Johnny's Jimusho, after joining the same day audition.

Kimura's aunt sent his resume without telling him.

Goro's older sister sent resume and on the audition day, she told Goro she's gonna buy him Famicon but she took him to the audition instead. Shingo said in a 1999 show, that he clearly remember when he arrived on the train station (near to the audition place) holding his mother's hand, he saw Goro, whom he thought a girl, sulking, talking to his sister "Let's go buy Famicon now! Now! Now!"
His sister was a huge fan of Hikaru GENJI and wanted Goro to be a Johnny's Junior so she'd get connection to Hikaru GENJI.

Shingo's mother sent resume and took him to the audition, Shingo thought his mother was taking him along for shopping. His mother was worried because Shingo had no friends and always play alone inside the house, she wanted him to be more active and she had two choices on her mind, for Shingo to be more active, Johnny's or boyscout.

1987 - Mori Katsuyuki's official entrance into Johnny's, the month is unknown but some predicted November same as the other three.
Mori accompanied his older brother to the audition, then he was told to join the audition and both him and his brother passed.


In November 1987, as soon as Kimura, Goro, Shingo entered the Jimusho, Skateboys was immediately formed with almost 20 boys including Nakai, Kimura, Goro, Mori, Tsuyoshi and Shingo. Skateboys was mainly Hikaru GENJI's backdancers.

Skateboys members:
Nakai Masahiro, Kimura Takuya, Inagaki Goro, Mori Katsuyuki, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Kokubun Taichi, Matsubara Ippei, Matsumoto Jiro, Iwasa Katsuji, Okada Ken'ichiro, Sato Takashi, Ishikawa Toru, Hasegawa Fumitaka, Sato Isao, Oyamada Hideki, Azuma Masataka and more.

In April 1988, 12 members of Skateboys were officially introduced as the "Main Members" in idol magazines. They were Nakai, Kimura, Inagaki, Mori, Kusanagi, Katori, Matsubara, Matsumoto, Iwasa, Okada, Sato Toru and Ishikawa. These 12 members were also chosen to star "Tonbo School Uniform" CM. But there were more than 12 members who performed as backdancers.

Katori was the youngest member in Skateboys.


Other than the 6 boys who was formed as SMAP, the rest of Skateboys members joined HEIKE-HA, including Kokubun Taichi (now TOKIO). HEIKE-HA was formed in September 1988. The members reached more than 30 boys. Matsumoto Jiro was chosen as the leader (taichou), but the members personally divided themselves into two factions, Matsubara Ippei faction vs Koike faction. Only the eldest member, Azuma, didn't choose either faction.

Well-known names who were HEIKE-HA members:
Joshima Shigeru (now TOKIO)
Kokubun Taichi (now TOKIO)
Yamaguchi Tatsuya (now TOKIO)
Sakamoto Masayuki (now V6)
Nagano Hiroshi (now V6)
Inohara Yoshihiko (now V6)
Noguchi Takashi (now known as Sorimachi Takashi, the actor)
[But from these names, ONLY Kokubun who once joined Skateboys]

HEIKE-HA slowly disappeared in early 1990. Other than 3 members TOKIO and 3 members V6, the rest quit Johnny's.

Early SMAP

In April 1988, the same month as Skateboys Main 12 Members were officially introduced in idol magazines, SMAP was formed. However seems like they weren't directly a 6-members group in the beginning.

Sakamoto Masayuki (now V6), Kokubun Taichi (now TOKIO), Iwasa Katsuji and Sato Isao were apparently considered to be SMAP members as well, because they'd appear in magazines and TV shows together with SMAP from time to time.

For example, this picture.


And this TV show.


Also I saw a video where Kokubun and Sato joined 6-SMAP when they were promoting their drama debut "Abunai Shonen III" although Kokubun and Sato were obviously not starring the drama at all. They were sitting a bit separately than the other six though.

However, according to a fan, this picture was taken in August 1988. No sight of the additional members.


Some fans opinion says that they were just candidate members for SMAP. According to WIKIPEDIA, they were SMAP's supporting members.

It was never clearly explained why the other four sometimes joined SMAP. Kokubun Taichi have only said before "Yeah, I was initially SMAP," "Sometimes I replaced Inagaki Goro when he was on a school trip"

I'll just assume that the main members were initially 6 and the other four were just supporting members, instead of assuming SMAP actually started with 8-10 members.

Seems like ever since the 4 supporting members joined HEIKE-HA in September 1988, they never joined SMAP anymore and SMAP members were finally fixed with the six.

I guess Johnny-san was still thinking whether or not they wanted them to officially join SMAP or not^^

I just read wikipedia page for "Idol Republic" TV Asahi's variety show in 1990 and it says there that Kokubun Taichi was one of the regulars, but he was only there when one of SMAP members couldn't appear in the show.
From this fact, I made an assumption that Johnny-san simply wanted the public to remember SMAP as a 6-members group. The four supporting members for SMAP were only there to replace when one or more SMAP members had to be absent to replace them, to fix the image of SIX, in magazines and TV shows. It didn't really matter that the faces were different, people won't remember their faces so soon anyway, but maybe it was important to introduce to public that SMAP is SIX.


A group that was born from TV Asahi's 1990 show, "Idol Republic." They were SMAP's backdancers.

Sakamoto Masayuki, Kokubun Taichi, Sato Isao, Inohara Yoshihiko, Ito Masami, Matsuoka Masahiro, Yamamoto Takafumi, Kojima Akira, Nagase Tomoya, Kiyofuji Hiroyuki, Otate Haruhiko, Matsunaga Shingo, Oshima Shinobu, and more.

After their last appearance in Sakurakko Club, June 29, 1991, they became inactive.


Nakai and Goro often talked about the times they lived in the dorm.

According to fans, Johnny's Dorm is no longer existed. Some fans says the dorm was no longer available since Arashi debuted.

Inagaki Goro clarified in Stop The SMAP, 22 April 2009, that the only SMAP members who ever lived in the dorm were Nakai and himself, the rest SMAP members went to work directly from their respective homes.  He mentioned here that he shared the same room with TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru, it was a bunker bed, he slept on the lower bed.
Goro also mentioned that most of those who lived in the dorm were those who had far homes. Actually his home was in Tokyo, so it was close by. But he chose to enter the dorm because the dorm was closer to his school in Nakano. Also, that time, he got the part in NHK Asadora, so it was really close to go to NHK from the dorm, he could walk. The dorm was in Harajuku. He lived in the dorm for 3 years.
He also said that Nakai and him, only the two of them, went to Omotesando to find something to eat and they rode a bicycle together.
The other SMAP members sometimes gathered in the dorm as well, before they go together to other place or when they had to discuss something together.

Meanwhile, in 5LDK, Nakai and Joshima said they shared the same room. But when Matchy came to Bistro, Nakai didn't deny that Goro shared a room with Joshima. I dunno whether their memories were mixed up or something, but I start thinking that all three of them shared the same room, maybe Joshima-Goro and Nakai were only separated with a partition or something haha. Nakai said he lived in the dorm for 1 year.

Goro talked in Utaban 2004 when his NHK Asadora was over and he came home to the dorm crying saying "I feel so sad, they were like my real family" and Nakai scold him "It was just a drama, gimme a break"
NHK Asadora "Seishun Kazoku" that Goro had a part in was aired April-September 1989. So I'm thinking that Nakai lived in the dorm in 1989-1990 and Goro lived there in 1988-1991.

There was never talk about dorm episodes when NakaGoro starred a drama together, "Gakkou e Ikou (Let's Go To School)" so I assumed by April 1991, they didn't live in the dorm anymore.


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