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[Rumor] HERO Movie 2015 and Matsu Takako will star!

OMG.... do I dare to get my hopes back up.........???????????????

There will be another HERO movie sequel after the 2nd series!

HERO 2nd movie has been decided and they will start shooting on December.
(ooh the possible return of THE "Jacket"??? ^o^)

This time, Matsu Takako will be the female lead of the movie sequel. *sqqquuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee*

Additionally, someone tweeted on July 4th 5 PM, "I saw KimuTaku and Matsu Takako shooting HERO on my way home! The shooting was at Tamagawa river side! I should've take some pictures!"

If it's true, then it means Matsu will make a guest appearance, probably in the final episode, to make the story linked to the movie.

Abt Kuryu/Amamiya's relationship, latest information from magazines says "He and Amamiya (Matsu Takako) loved each other. Everyone around them think they dated each other but their present relationship is a mystery."

Also, a positive statement from HERO 2 scriptwriter quoted from a recent mag and tweeted by a fan,
"This year HERO, Kitagawa Keiko will replace Matsu Takako, so to stay consistent, there'll be no romance for Kuryu"

I think KimuraMatsu shippers has started seeing the light at the end of this long, dark and cold tunnel.

Minna.... fellow KimuraMatsu shippers........ let's keep up our faith for a bit for this Golden Combi *v*

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