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GetsuKoi Chapter III: Regolith in Love


There weren't much development in Episode 3. It felt like a filler episode. But there were lots of RenMi's scenes I squealed at!!^v^    And I'm starting to love KazaEmi too!!

And I feel like Xiumei had less focus this time? Or is it just my feeling? XD

The ending of Episode 3 is the least cliffhanger, so far. Like I said, Ep3 doesn't has much exciting development.




Rensuke: (mumbled) We got it...
Maemi: Hee??!
Rensuke: (whisper) It's all because of you.


Kyaaaa~~~ my favorite scene of the whole drama, so far!!! Rensuke-Maemi acting buddies with the high-five and also how Rensuke pat her, and Maemi look sooooo happy in this scene^^


Maemi: The fact that you're here means....


LOL. Two women glared in jealousy XD


Maemi: CM concept??
Rensuke: Yeah, not just about announcing a new product but I want something mysterious...
Maemi: (smiling)
Rensuke: ....what??
Maemi: (smiling) Nothing.
Rensuke: ... what is it??
Maemi: I said, nothing~
Rensuke: Nothing but you're---


Grrhrhhh, Liu Xiu Mei! If you drag him away from Maemi once again, I think I'm gonna start to hate you! XD


Rina: I can't believe it.
Tsuguo: Hm? What?
Rina: They kissed!!!
Tsuguo: What's wrong with that.
Rina: She kissed Hazuki Rensuke, y'know!
Tsuguo: Okay, okay, okay.
Rina: I want to kiss him too, y'know!
Tsuguo: C'mon, let's focus on our job.
Rina: Can't you understand this pure girl's heart??!
Tsuguo: I don't know, so be quie----!!!

Maemi: DAKARA!!!!!!! You guys are so noisy!! Seriously!

Tsuguo: I'm sorry!
Rina: See? We got scold.

Tsuguo-Rina is still my favorite kawaii combi!!!^^


Kazami: Do you like Ren-san?
Maemi: (laughed) Why are you asking that suddenly??
Kazami: Well, it's good if you're not.

Maemi: How can I say this... it's not that kind of like or love feelings, but somehow he's always in my mind since college. Like that lonely face of his... or like how he acts bad so people would think he's despicable. I've seen many of his girlfriends in the past, but Xiumei is different. She's really the nicest girl among them. Maybe that's why....

Kazami: That's nice... I love the honest Maemi-san just like now.

Maemi: Eh??
Kazami: Eh?
Maemi: What did you say?
Kazami: Nothing....
Maemi: No way! It's been a long time for me to get that kind of.... Can you say it again?
Kazami: No.
Maemi: C'mon, say it again!
Kazami: I won't!
Maemi: So, you're shy....
Kazami: Okay then... *stand up*  Maemi-san!
Maemi: *nervous* Aaaa!! I forgot to hand over my plan!


Rensuke: Koisuru Regolith(Regolith in Love)??

Maemi: That's right! Xiumei and me thought of this concept... There are many couples living together now, right? Like couples' furniture series, love chair, table---

Rensuke: I'll leave it to you.
Maemi: ......... Hai???
Rensuke: This is good.


(Maemi takes off his sunglasses)
Rensuke: What are you doing!?
Maemi: Roger!!

Yuzuki: Aa! Orangutan da!
Rensuke: Gorilla desho?

LOL. I dunno whether Yuzuki is suppose to be an annoying character or not, but if she is, I have to say Keiko is doing a terrible job at it, because Yuzuki is just sooooo lovable and adorable!!!^o^   She's so cute!! Haha, I really love the way she said, "aa! orangutan da!". Kawaiiii~~~


Yuzuki: Ne, how about marrying me? If you marry me, you'll get many good things, y'know. First, you get to be the next president of the No.1 interior company, Mastpole! Second, even if you and my father are against each other, I will definitely be on your side! Third, you don't have to wear the wedding ring, although I will wear them. I don't care whether or not you love me. I don't mind even if you use me. If you want to use me, just do it as you like.

Tsk, tsk, tskk.... sasuga Yuzuki-chan^^


Maemi: Chikai(you're too close)...


Kazami: Maemi-san, let's go together again sometimes, okay?
Maemi: Thanks for the other day!

Rensuke: What's the other day?
Maemi: Something...
Rensuke: So, you're dating Kazami?
Maemi: No way!! I don't have much time to have romance with guys in the company.


Rensuke: I think, it would be nice if you're with Kazami.
Maemi: I told you, we're not dating.
Rensuke: You know, sometimes you really should relax with guys like Kazami and then get back to work with more spirit, so you get more balance there.


Just hug her already, forgodssakes!!!!!!!!!! XD


Maemi: When he was a child, his parents got divorced. Since then, his mother raised him all by herself.
His mother is a hard-working woman, but in terms as a mother... well, she dated lots of guys... you get the idea, right? Many things happened. During elementary school, Rensuke got transferred from one school to another so many times. When he returned to the town where he once lived at for about a year, he said none of his classmates remember him at all. Although he's like that now, but during college, he's actually the type who didn't stand out at all, y'know.
It all started since he was determined in building a company by himself. He wants to make more and more people to remember his name. He wants to leave a proof in this world that he has lived here.


Xiumei: Maemi, what or who do you work hard for?
Maemi: ..................


Next week's preview:


Maemi: Rensuke!!! Daaaaisuki dakara!


Kazami: You don't always have to smile....

Kyaaaa~~~ romantic-Shota reminds me of Ojiro of Love Shuffle!*v*

I really don't mind KazaEmi now, as long as Maemi is happy and esp. if Rensuke STILL cannot appreciate someone who has been next to him for over than 15 years!!>_<

Anyway, thanks alot to kybiel, for these image scans:

Q: What does Tsuki no Koibito mean?
Goto(producer): Tsuki(the moon) is something that anyone can see with eyes. Although it feels like you can reach it when you stretch your hand, you will never reach it. It's like, almost come true, but never come true. It actually depict a bitter romance.

Maemi's true feelings for Rensuke will be revealed starting Ep3 and Ep4. It says, we shld pay attention to Rensuke when he sees this.

The key of the love pentagon is Maemi. How the love pentagon ends, depends on Maemi's action/decision.

Q: What would be the ending of this drama like?
Goto: The story is written in the way so the audience won't know the romance ending until the very last of the last. Rensuke's true feelings won't be revealed until the very last.

oh no! I have a feeling it's gonna be a stupid ending then, if Rensuke would choose the woman she loves out of the blue without a single hint of feelings/expressions in the previous eps, except if it's Maemi, lol.



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