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GetsuKoi Chapter II: The Prince & The Fairy Godmother

Episode 2 was terrific!! Out of 10, Ep1 was 7 for me, but Ep2 was a 9!!^o^  

And I love how the atmosphere is getting more and more like LONG VACATION.

However, I find Lin Chiling's acting not okay anymore in emotional moments.



Kyaaa~~~ Loving Rensuke and Kazami's eye contact!!!

Rina: Hazuki Rensuke is such a nice man! When you have meeting with him again next time, please take me with you!

Maemi: He hasn't contact me ever since then...

Tsuguo: See??? He's not a good man, afterall!!

(are? do I sense jealousy?^^ heehee...)

Maemi: Rina, answer the phone for me!

(Hazuki Rensuke on the cellphone screen)

Rina: Hai, hai!! Hazuki-san?? Ah, I'm Maemi-san's assistant, Anzai Rina deesu!! Thank you for the other day!!



Maemi: Yeah, hello?? I'm very busy now. What do you want?
Rensuke: I have something to ask you. Can you find Xiu Mei for me?
Maemi: What do you mean? Is she disappearing again?
Rensuke: No, she's not. Seem like she's just lost. Can you pick her up?
Maemi: Why me?? Don't you---
Rensuke: Help me, 'kay? Bye! *hung up*
Maemi: Wa--wa--waii--! Sheeshh, can't you listen what other people has to say!

(Maemi's phone rings again)
Xiu Mei: Where am I?
Maemi: Saaa.... I wonder where you are....  Why don't you tell me what's in front of you.
Xiu Mei: Choco... utteru... (chocolate sale)
Maemi: Choco?? 

Chocolate seller: Jyaa.... choco omake! Omake!! (more and more chocolates!)

Xiu Mei: Choco omake, omake!
Maemi:  .....

Chocolate seller: Terebi mita kata, te wo agete! (to those who watch it on TV, raise your hands!)

Xiu Mei: Terebi mita kata, te wo agete!
Maemi: Chokoreeto tataki-uriii~~~ (chocolate sacrifice sale)  You're in Ameyoko?


Xiu Mei: Siblings?
Bald men: Do we resemble each other?
Xiu Mei: Your heads resemble each other....

Maemi: Moushikashite.... SU-KI? (don't tell me, you love him?)
Xiu Mei: No, no! I just feel lonely!



Love how she enters the room^^

I just realized one of the Regolith staff is quite kakkoii, kinda look like Kaname Jun??^^


Rensuke: Ah, Ninomiya! Sit there and wait.

Kyaaaaa~~~  Love how they look each other here!!*v*



Maemi: I don't like the way you work now! You're just using people now and you never really look at them. If you think Xiu Mei was in the way, you should've think of the factory workers and try to be at their positions---

Rensuke: I'll think of the management myself. Your job is only to create the designs so that we can make good furnitures. And for that, the best stage for you, is our Regolith. Think about it.



Xiu Mei: Maemi-san, shacho called me!
Maemi: Woooo~~  Then?
Xiu Mei: He said, "We'll go somewhere, get ready and wait for me!".
Maemi: Aaa... a date? *to her assistants* Be quiet, will ya!!!

Xiu Mei: He said, we'll go have a meal together.
Maemi: Aaa sou! That's good then! You've been waiting for him to call you right?
Xiu Mei: Not good at all, what should I do??
Maemi: "What should I do?". Just wait for him then.
Xiu Mei: I don't have anything to wear. Maemi-san, help me.

Maemi: ....... so that's why you call....



Yuzuki: Where should we go now? The aquarium? The amusement park? Aaa... or the beach??! Ne~

Rensuke: In any case, just get on.

Yuzuki: Okay!!


Yuzuki: Mou!! Mada nottenai kedo!!! (I haven't get on yet!)


Xiu Mei: Maemi-san, it's amazing! Like a magic! You have magic hands!!
Maemi: *laughs* No such thing~


Maemi: Ouch!!
Rensuke: What are you doing here?

Maemi: Dooozo, take a look at your princess~


Loved this moment below^^   I didn't know about this kind of fitting room too!^^


Aaand, as always, when Rensuke and Xiu Mei are together, Maemi would be alone gazing at the moon.
What's up with this??


Maemi: Once the fairy godmother swing her magic wand, Cinderella will ride on the pumpkin carriage and fly away to where The Prince is...

And I want the prince to end up with the fairy godmother T_T


Maemi: How was the date?
Xiu Mei: It was not a date!! That guy doesn't think of me as a woman nor a human!!
Maemi: So you finally get that....
Xiu Mei: Maemi, why do you work for him?? For that kind of man??
Maemi: I wonder why.... Well, maybe because we know each other... we know each other since long time ago.
Xiu Mei: And so??
Maemi: *laughs* You got me.

Love this moment.... there's this sense of familiarity and comfort whenever Rensuke-Maemi together ^_^ Oh, and he's holding the guitar, really looks like they're discussing club activity in college, haha.


Does this look like a pair of eyes of someone who is falling in love with the woman he's kissing??^^;;;

NEXT WEEK shot and quotes


Rensuke: It's all because of you.


Xiu Mei: (to Maemi) We kissed.


Kazami: (to Maemi) Do you love Ren-san?


Yuzuki: (to Rensuke) I don't mind even if you use me.


Xiu Mei: I will make him fall in love with me and then trash him away.


Kazami: Maemi-san... suki desu..


Xiu Mei: (to Rensuke) Shall we get married?


Regarding the water bugs reference, I finally get my answer from noonew!! Thanks, noonew!

This is noonew's theory:
In the first episode at the riverside restaurant, they were talking about you'll find happiness when you find the amenbo, and the amenbo will only live in pure water. After episode 2, it's shown that Xiu Mei is now polluted and not so pure anymore. So Rensuke, who is polluted too, cannot find true happiness with her. But Maemi is still pure and she has been there for him all the time. Once he is "cleaned", he will find his true happiness in Maemi. Besides, I personally think the kanji 美 in Maemi looks a lot like Amenbo and her 真 also means pure. (though I may stretch this a bit too much)

My speculation for future story development:
Based on what Kazami said to Yuzuki, which was, "That man is only thinking about himself. But I always think of other people with all might. What they demand and what they're thinking. And I will slowly give what they demand. That's what important,".
I think Kazami is going to try to steal Maemi from Rensuke by understanding what Maemi needs and wants and giving her exactly that. Perhaps because he knows that's Rensuke's weakness? For what? I have a feeling Kazami will be Rensuke's enemy in the near future^^
So while Rensuke is busy with Xiu Mei, I guess he wouldn't notice that Kazami is slowly making a move towards Maemi XD  Slicky!

So yes! Now what the news articles says that the story is about stealing each other from each other between the five, makes sense now^^

From the next week's preview, it seem like Maemi will get more focus than Xiu Mei? Or is that just my wish?? lol.

Tags: drama, review, smap, tsuki no koibito
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