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A Never-ending Story: Goro & Miho

I found an interesting Japanese blog entry here.
Below is the translation.

When will it end? Inagaki and Kanno's Relationship History

Inagaki Goro and Kanno Miho was found dating the first time more than 10 years ago. When I thought everything has been put to an end when their breakup was reported a few years ago... once again...

Just how true are these reports?

Appeared in a variety show, "Sakurakko Club" together in 1992

They worked together for the first time in an idol show. It was Kanno Miho's (she was junior high 3rd grade that time) variety debut. That time, Inagaki was rumored dating Nakatani Miki who also appeared in this show. (not Kanno, yet)

Appeared together in the variety drama show, "Tokumei Research 200X" in 1996

It was a TV show that investigated rare phenomenons happened in the society, that was made like a drama.
They were playing the roles of a fictional research team members. Even after they were found dating by public in 2000, they still appear together in this show.

Starring drama "Sommelier" together in 1998


They played the roles as sommelier who were against each other.

Starring movie "Saimin" together in 1999

They starred a horror film together.

February 2000, an article that says there's a possibility they are dating, was published.

They become closer since "Sommelier" and as they worked together again in "Saimin", they went for a dinner together while talking about wine, enjoying each other's company. It was published on Tokyo Sports.

June 2000, their relationship was confirmed by FRIDAY


The full article:

Kanno Miho and Inagaki Goro share keys to the same apartment!

Inagaki Goro of SMAP (26 years old) and actress, Kanno Miho (22 years old) are secretly in a relationship and they live together "under the same roof".
According to "FRIDAY" which was released on the 30th, in a high-class apartment building in Shibuya, Inagaki was living on 3rd floor and Kanno was on 1st floor. When Inagaki wasn't inside, Kanno would enter his apartment with a duplicate key, when he's there, they would spend time together until the next morning.
They worked together before in drama "Sommelier" two years ago. Inagaki's agency stated "They might be in a relationship, but they're not living together", while Kanno's agency stated "They're friends. They don't share keys,"

October 2000, their photos were taken when they were on a dinner


This time, weekly magazine, FOCUS took their pictures having dinner together in a high-class Italian restaurant at Roppongi.

October 2000, they were caught going for a trip to Okinawa together

The full article:

Inagaki and Kanno's One Night Love Trip

Inagaki Goro of SMAP was found having a romantic trip with actress, Kanno Miho to Okinawa.
Inagaki who arrived at Narita airport, wore a hat covering his eyes, while being crowded by the press, he kept walking forward. Aside saying "Watch out", he didn't give any comment at all. He left the airport with a taxi. Kanno went home earlier with a different plane, due to her schedule.
They were found dating in June this year. Some says they half living together in a high-class apartment. Finding time between their tight schedule, on 22nd, they went to Okinawa with the same plane, and had a one-night vacation there.

August 2001, Inagaki was arrested due to a hit-and-run accident

In Shibuya, he violated a parking space, when a police woman was about to give him a ticket, Inagaki started off the engine and left the spot. There were rumors that Kanno was together with him that time. But in the press conference, he stated "I was really alone".

March 2003, Inagaki was secretly dating another woman

According to "Josei Jishin", Inagaki was secretly meeting another single woman in a hotel.
But then Inagaki apologized to Kanno and she forgave him.

April 2006, Breakup News

After a few times of breakup and reconciliation (at least, in 2001 and 2003), it was reported that they officially broke up.

May 2006, it was reported that they're back together

The other day, Inagaki Goro and Kanno Miho was reported broke up, but weekly magazine "FLASH" caught them exiting the same place. They were seen together, enjoying having lunch together in autumn last year.
This time, on Golden Week, 10 minutes after Inagaki left his apartment, Kanno was seen exiting Inagaki's apartment. Kanno gave comment.
Press: We heard you're getting married?
Kanno: Please ask through the agency concerning that kind of matter.
Press: Is your relationship going well?
Kanno: Ehh... yes. (smile)

Kanno's agency stated, "Concerning relationship, we leave it to the person herself"

December 2008, Another Break-up News


August 2008, they were reported broke up.

January 2010, Reconciliation News

It was reported that they were back together in autumn 2009 and there's a possibility of marriage.

January 2010, He Denied the Reconciliation News


On his stageplay press conference, Inagaki said "I was surprised with the news. I'm free now. We're really good friends."

February 2011, Inagaki has a new girlfriend?

According to FRIDAY, he is dating a woman 12 years younger than him.

July 2011, in Nakai's Kurobara,
Inagaki said "I've never met a woman whom I think I want to marry with"

He came to Nakai's show to promote his drama.
When he was asked about marriage, he said this.

October 2011, in "Tamori-Nakai Tebura de ii noni" Kanno said "It's men's fault!"


When she came to this show to promote her drama, the topic was about romance, she said "Fight happens because of men's fault". However some opinions also say, maybe she was just trying to make the atmosphere lively.

June 2012, Another Reconciliation News


It was reported that alot of witnesses saw Goro and Miho having a big fight in the middle of the road at Ginza about 2 weeks ago.

Here are the witnesses' comments:

"I was shocked. It was on the Yanagi street at Ginza at night. They were walking in front of us while arguing. They suddenly stopped in front of a certain building and started quarelling. I immediately found out the guy is Inagaki Goro of SMAP from his hairstyle. The woman's face looked red and wet... she was mumbling while crying, but she didn't speak clearly so I didn't know what she said. But from her eyes, there's no mistake that she was Kanno Miho. I just remember, ahh... weren't these two use to go out in the past?"

"When people started staring at them looking like 'Huh? Aren't they Kanno and Goro?', Goro started saying 'Mazui yo, mazui yo (this is bad)', he was trying to find a place far from people's stare but Kanno said, "Kankeinai!(it has nothing to do with it!)".

"Kanno kept crying out loud ignoring people's stare. Inagaki tried to bring her inside the building, but when he grabbed her hand, Kanno told him off "Go away! Leave me alone!". It looked like a middle-aged married couple's fight."

Other comments:
"I saw them together at a Meijijingu Gaien golf course in early May. They didn't use any disguise (glasses/hats) at all and were wearing casual clothes. They entered the golf course holding hands looking chummy."


Hmm... I wonder if Goro will be asked about this again during his musical press conference in December XD


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Oct. 29th, 2012 12:52 am (UTC)
goro!!! please be gentle with dear kanno.
hope they get married though after going thru so much tgt.
for happiness, gambatte!
Oct. 30th, 2012 04:52 pm (UTC)
kak yanieee, ini meeeey. eeh, ini kak yanie tmennya cc aynie kan yaah?
aku nge-add + ngirim message di fb loohh. jrg buka fb yaa kaak?
Nov. 16th, 2012 07:52 pm (UTC)
I think if he is not allowed to get married or doesn't want to, Miho should move on and find someone who can marry and start a family.
Nov. 17th, 2012 12:52 pm (UTC)
I'm watching Kekkon shinai now, and see this post... interesting haha...
that's a very long on off relationship...
Jan. 9th, 2013 11:27 am (UTC)
Goro-chan !! Just marry her !! ^0^
it is really amazing ,, dating and breaking up many times .. I wonder what is going on ..
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