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GOU ~The Warring States of the Princesses~

GOU ~Hime-tachi no Sengoku~ (The Warring States of the Princesses) is the 2011 NHK Taiga Drama that will start airing January next year.

It will start filming in August this year. Ueno Juri, Mizukawa Asami and Miyazawa Rie as sisters, they are Oda Nobunaga's nieces. Honami Suzuki will play the role of their mother, Oda Nobunaga's younger sister.

TWO ultimate reasons why I'll be sooo watching this. First, Suzuki Honami's comeback to the acting world!! Tokyo Love Story, the 1991 J-drama, starring Suzuki Honami and Oda Yuji, was my FIRST J-DRAMA ever, and I watched that when I was 9-10 years old. Although I'm not a big fan, but Suzuki Honami's Akana Rika will always have a special place in my heart. I definitely want to see Suzuki Honami's acting again!^^  Ever since she married Utaban's host, Taka-san in 1998, she retired from the acting world and now she's finally back!

Second, the story and characters are very close to Toshiie to Matsu's era, it is 2002 NHK Taiga Drama starring Karasawa Toshiaki and Matsushima Nanako, and I really loooove that one!!! There's something about that Sengoku era that intrigued me very much. I loved the subtle humors too, in that one.

Other reasons... Ueno Juri, Mizukawa Asami, Miyazawa Rie, Suzuki Sawa and of course, the adorable Ohtake Shinobu (Akashiya Sanma's ex-wife!) are enough to keep my eyes glued to the TV watching this one!^^

The leading character of the story is GOU or Ogou, who will be played by Ueno Juri. In history, Gou is the official wife / first wife of the 2nd Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Hidetada (Tokugawa Ieyasu's son). Gou is also the one who started building Ooku (The Inner Palace) for the first time. She is also known as Oda Nobunaga's niece.

I'll keep crossing my fingers for Tamaki Hiroshi as Tokugawa Hidetada! XD   He has played Oda Nobunaga and Sakamoto Ryoma's roles before, I think it wouldn't be too far-fetched for him to be chosen as the 2nd shogun now, lol! (last year, there were rumors that Nakai Masahiro will take this role, though I doubt that it's true)


Gou's eldest sister is Lady Yodo or known as Chacha, played by Miyazawa Rie. She is the 2nd wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a daimyo (feudal/powerful territorial lord) in that era. Toyotomi's first wife cannot have a child, so Lady Yodo gave birth to his successor.

In HIDEYOSHI, 1996 NHK Taiga Drama, Matsu Takako played the role as Lady Yodo, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi was played by Takenaka Naoto.

Mizukawa Asami will be Gou's second sister, Ohatsu. She was married to Kyogoku Takatsugu, a daimyo from the Kyogoku clan, to achieve peace and alliance with Oda Nobunaga.

I'm wishing for Ichikawa Somegoro as Kyogoku Takatsugu^^   Among the husbands of the three sisters, only this one who only has 1 wife XD   Bcoz Toyotomi Hideyoshi has 14 wives and the 2nd shogun has one whole harem!! XD  LOL.

Suzuki Honami as Oichi, the mother of the three sisters. She is Oda Nobunaga's little sister, who married Azai Nagamasa, a daimyo.

Ohtake Shinobu as Toyotomi Hideyoshi's first wife, One. After I found out about this, somehow I'm feeling a bit more convinced that NHK would ask Takenaka Naoto to reprise his role as Toyotomi again in this one XD   I'm thinking since Ohtake Shinobu is quite aged, then Toyotomi will definitely be played by someone as her age too. I can't think of anyone else other than Takenaka-san. Toyotomi is nicknamed "saru"(monkey) by Oda Nobunaga, anyway. So I think Takenaka would be perfect, haha! And he has acted together with Ueno Juri in Swing Girls and Nodame Cantabile, I think Juri really has the big luck to act together with him again, lol.


Suzuki Sawa as Toyotomi Hideyoshi's third wife, Lady Matsunomaru.


No picture, but Naraoka Tomoko will play the role of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's mother, Naka.

The male casts to be announced later probably in end of July or early August.

In Toshiie to Matsu, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, his first wife and his mother always provides the comical moments and humorous scenes. With Ohtake Shinobu, Miyazawa Rie and Suzuki Sawa as the wives, I'm really looking forward to the humorous scenes they can create inside Toyotomi Hideyoshi's house. In Toshiie to Matsu, One was very talkative, coquettish, funny and materialistic, I hope Ohtake Shinobu will be playing the same kind of One ^_^    Imagine the havoc if Takenaka Naoto can join in as Toyotomi Hideyoshi! lol.

I wonder if Karasawa Toshiaki can be old enough to be the three sisters' father? I hope so^^   I want to see Toshiaki-Honami pairing again ^_^

Also with this, I predict the public will vote Ueno Juri to be Kouhaku host this year or next year. Juri is only 23 now, but Matsu Takako was 19 when she hosted Kouhaku 1996. I wonder if Juri-chan has interest at all in hosting? If she get the #1 public favorite vote and she's willing to take the challenge, then I guess it's time to say "goodbye" to the NakaNaka pairing T_T  

I wouldn't mind much Juri-chan as Kouhaku host though, I think it will be very refreshing to see, recalling the public must be very tired of NakaNaka by now XD


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Jun. 28th, 2010 02:08 pm (UTC)
Trivia note: Ohtake Shinobu played Juri-chan's mom in Jodan ja Nai!. :)
Jun. 28th, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)
Ueno Juri got so much prettier since nodame days
Jul. 6th, 2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
agree with that!! she looks more mature too :)
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