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❤ Mori-kun ❤

Hyaaaaa~~ SMAP including Mori-kun (minus Takuya) spent New Year's eve togetherrrr.... Mori-kuuuun T_T

My theories:
1. Initially planned for all 6 members to come but Kimura-kun suddenly couldn't join (probably Mary stopped him LOL, or maybe his daughter suddenly not feeling well, etc)
2. Kimura didn't join, but I'm sure they talked to him on the phone and probably even Skype video, LOL
3. They invited Kimura but Kimura thought "SMAP is not over yet, dammit we don't need a farewell party!" LOL

In any case, SMAP is SIX, 6nin de SMAP, no one can interrupt the 28 years bond they have together. There are things that only the six of them could understand and I trust in their kizuna 200%. The six of them are inseparable. So this entry is not to discuss about (6-1) yakiniku farewell party.

But this is about how gorgeous and beautiful Mori-kun is! Pls! LOL

Mori-kun, did you feel like walking on the catwalk or you knew the paparazzis were taking pictures of youuu??? Hahaha... why do you look so lovely and posed a lovely pose hereeeee

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2017 = New SMAP!

Happy new year, minna~!! \^o^/    So busy with school, I had no time for fandom anymore, so sad T_T

It was a weird New Year for me, because when it turned 12 AM, SMAP's career as a group ended as well. No doubt 2016 was the hardest year for us, SMAP fans. So many lies and slanderous accussations toward SMAP members. But SMAP fans never give up in supporting SMAP members. We have achieved 3 million copies of sales for SekaHana single, 360,000 signs for petition, bought 8 pages of Asahi Shimbun worth of 40 million yen collected from 13,000 fans dedicated to SMAP, the international postcard campaign, consumer complaint report on JFC that made the government organization sent JFC warning of a lawsuit threat, and many more! We put up a good fight in 2016 and I'm proud of SMAP fans!!

SMAP also put up a good fight. Normally, Jimusho would've have just put them on hiatus status, slowly erase them from the public's memories, give them less and less jobs, drama and variety ratings drop to one digit little by little, till the members one by one get tired of being in the group and might leave the group one by one. I believe that was the Jimusho's plan. But SMAP refused to be dictated and arranged like puppets. They chose the option of disband because they did not want to be made into Jimusho's puppets, imho. They refused to hold 25th anniversary concert under the Jimusho's (probably unreasonable) conditions.

I do not want to hold a grudge toward the Jimusho. I thank Johnny and Mary for every little favor they gave to SMAP and Iijima. Thank you so much, so much to Johnny-san to put SMAP members together and gave them the chance of their fated encounter. Thank you so much, so much to Mary-san who decided to hire Iijima Michi as her secretary in the beginning. Without Iijima's presence, SMAP would never become this big.

But this would be the last time I thank Jimusho.

SMAP's career as a group has ended, but SMAP's bond as family will never end. I'm predicting that private outings between members will increase from now on. When they meet every week for work they won't feel like meeting in private. But now they are separated I'm sure they would want to see each other in private times more, haha~

SMAP had close its curtain, and there are rumors that Jimusho will restrict use of SMAP's name, images and videos starting today.

But the time of the curtain rise once again will come, in every other way. I believe that. If the Jimusho and general public think this is the end of it, then they have underestimate SMAP and SMAP fans. As long as this is not what SMAP wants, they will continue to fight. And SMAP fans knows that. We will do every way we can to keep SMAP fresh in the mind of general public.

Even if SMAP members themselves are confused and do not know what to do right now, I truly believe there's a light of hope. And that everything will turn out the way they want it, in the end.

I'm looking forward to the "new SMAP" in 2017! They are apart for onscreen time, but I'm sure there will be a lot of behind the scenes stories. But any way we still have Takuya's drama, Tsuyoshi's drama, Nakai's variety shows, not much change deshou? LOL. They had always focus a lot on solo activities anyway.

Before January 2016 happened, I did once imagine that if they'd want to leave the agency then disbandment would be inevitable. They would have to disband temporarily and regroup outside the agency. But now I realized regrouping is a hard thing to do. Not impossible but not easy, either. It might be difficult for them to fight for SMAP's name legal rights. So, at least, I imagine Nakai and Iijima would build a new talent agency, and all SMAP members will join there in individual names... might be difficult to regroup without SMAP's name, but who knows!

I see the Jimusho falling apart without Johnny and Mary, whom might not last in a couple of years. But I wish Julie and Kosugi all the best!

The battle has just begun! Madamada dayo!! There will be more slanderous accussations and lies about SMAP members this year.... but SMAP fans will never give up!

Ganbarimashou, 2017!

Meanwhile, I'll be looking for a permanent job too from now on. Yosh, ganbarouuu!


ShinTaku in Yamapi's concert

Heeehh... is this true? Can this be true? All the official newspapers (non-rumor articles) and Mary's legal adviser talked about how much Shingo hates Takuya, their relationship is irreparable and that's why SMAP is disbanding! Few days ago, several Japanese Yamapi fans tweeted that they spotted Shingo and Takuya attending Yamapi's concert together... whoa, can I trust Yamapi fans? XD  Is it possible that Shingo hates Takuya so much that he decided to ask him out to watch Yamapi concert? lol. The most interesting part is that ShinTaku were spotted standing next to the sound system equipment without seats, they were watching standing.... lol, lol, dai-sempai coming to a kouhai's concert but they weren't provided seats, what kind of conspiracy is this? Haha nono I'm not blaming Yamapi at all, on the contrary I'm impressed and grateful that Yamapi would let ShinTaku attend his concert at all, considering that SMAP is currently in huge trouble with the Jimusho and if Yamapi is still closely related to Shingo or the rest of SMAP, it might put his career on the line. And on yesterday's Ohayo SMAP (radio), Shingo put on the song Moai, his duet song with Takuya... aww...how sweet. Maybe they have kissed and made up, lol.

Anyway, Shingo has been drawing these for SmaTimes (free newspaper that sums up SmaStation episode) since the disband announcement. I wonder what this means haha.

Oh, and I'm very interested with Taguchi's solo debut... lol, and all the conspiracy theories that comes with it...

On another note, I'm studying Japanese business.... and I find Otsuka Kagu (huge furniture company) case to be interesting, father and daughter had conflicts for years and they're finally split into two companies. All their dark secrets are leaked out by the media and people has bad image about the company now. I am now trying to find out how long does it take for Otsuka to split into two, lol

I just realized that we can often find family business conflicts in Japan.


Mary is innocent?

Cyzo's latest article says Mary think she is innocent. She said "I don't understand why the fans are blaming me. I think the fans are being controlled by the media to the wrong direction," LOL... aww you poor old woman....

Sometimes I do think if it's really fair to blame everything to this old woman... she's just an elderly that needs daily nursing, y'know. Is she really capable to be the mastermind of SMAP's disband?

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SMAP is Fighting

A few years ago in a magazine interview, Nakai said:

"Fan no minasan ga masukomi no kotoba wo shinjiru ka, boku no kotoba wo shinjiru ka. Boku wa, fan no minasan wo shinjiteimasu"
"Does the fans trust the media's words or my words? I believe the fans (will make the right choice which to believe.)"

I believe that SMAP is still fighting and struggling to get their freedom. Quoting a fellow Smappy, If not signing another group contract is the start of getting out of that hell hole, I'm behind them 100%.

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